Prostate Awareness Checklist

Ejaculation strength your spunk is not being shot out as it used to be. There is a possibility that the prostate is functioning butt, weak. >Please be aware of the quality of your ejaculation and the quantity of your semen. There are five important factors to look out for The Quantity, If you are continuously ejaculation … Read moreProstate Awareness Checklist

prostate charity and educational nonsense…

The science is clear, but the scientists are not. We need to stop all this lovey dovey prostate charity and educational nonsense and just be really honest about what men need to know about keeping their prostate healthy… The more you ejaculate when you are young the less likely you are to suffer from prostate … Read moreprostate charity and educational nonsense…

Do Gay Men have Lower Rates of Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is less prevalent in gay men: A recent study on cancer survivorship and sexual orientation showed that gay men have a lower rate of prostate cancer. The reason for this is unknown but this recent data is an interesting contrast to a 1987 study which showed the opposite. Regardless of sexual orientation, it … Read moreDo Gay Men have Lower Rates of Prostate Cancer?

wtf is prostate reiki?

There are basically two types of prostate massages. There is the modern day medical type of prostate massage, which is quite rigorous and probably results in sensations similar to what straight men experience while being pegged, or for what gay men will experience while being fucked. About 9.99% of men will find this stimulation similar … Read morewtf is prostate reiki?

the veil of secrecy surrounding the male g-spot…

Many years ago, long before your average Johnny even knew he possessed a prostate, I was busy lifting the veil of secrecy surrounding the male g-spot. Once again, several years on, I find myself attempting to enlighten the public about the pleasurable possibilities this small walnut-shaped gland, located just below the bladder, offers its owner. … Read morethe veil of secrecy surrounding the male g-spot…


Hello Harry Shishna, Love you site. New to prostate playing but do it as much as possible when alone. Wife not at all interested.

I think i have said it else where on my website that I consider it a wife’s duty to gently massage her husbands prostate at least twice a week. She should become very familiar with the shape and feel of this heavenly pleasure gem beacuse by that stimulation she will learn alot about her pleasure gem. Butt,if your wife is not interested, fuck her. Buy yourself one of the more expensive prostate massagers. Make sure it says ANEROS or NEXUS on the label. Make your prostate play time just for yourslf to relax yourself into the ride of your life, each and every time. You deserve that, as you have such an amazingly manly arse. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SACRED JOURNEY. A big hug, Mr Cox

the importance of male ejaculation

I have been banging on for more than 20 years about the importance of male ejaculation. great to see the mainstream press finally reporting research like this.Lets keep our fingers(or maybe even legs) crossed and wish that the “Prostate Charities” might start telling men about this type of knowledge, as well. There is a more comprehensive … Read morethe importance of male ejaculation

I decided to do a prostate massage

Recently I noticed I stopped shooting cum like I used to. My orgasms also seemed lacking. After doing a little research and talking to a few buddies at the rugby club  decided to do a prostate massage. I got a vibrating prostate massager and after a long date with it I am much better!!!! That … Read moreI decided to do a prostate massage


 Every time you should ejacul-8, making each better than the last one. Drink buckets of water and spend some time alternating between pissing and wanking. When you are having a piss make sure you stand back around 3 feet from the bowl. practise really squirting it out. Most importantly always remember men who Ejacul-8 more … Read moreHealthy+Prostate=?

ejaculate daily

In the largest ever study exploring the potential link between ejaculation and prostate cancer, researchers found that men aged between 40 and 49 who ejaculate at least 21 times a month were at less risk than those who did so four to seven times. Please take the 30-Day Ejaculation Challenge Harvard Medical School who carried out … Read moreejaculate daily

best prostate massager?

Hello from Australia, I just want to ask what is the best prostate massager? Thanks Steve Hello Steve, For beginners I recommend the Aneros MGX. For the more experienced user, The Nexus Max 5 Prostate Massager, which is also the best vibrating massager. I would be very interested in hearing what other readers recommend. Please … Read morebest prostate massager?

Prostate Milking Tips & Techniques

Most men enjoy fingering their prostate while wanking. I find it takes my self pleasure to a higher level, I seem to esc ape into another world as I feel a deep sense of warmth emanating from my prostate and sending spasms of pleasure around my body. I usually begin by lying on my back and pulling my knees towards my chest. Just using the tip of one finger I spend about 20 minutes stimulating my anal sphincters. My arsehole absolutely loves this stimulation before I slowly push my finger into heaven. Lay on your back with your legs spread as wide as possible. Lift up your calves, exposing your gorgeous arse. You can place a pillow under your lower back to raise your arse, to allow easy penetration and full movement. Prostate Milking is easy in this position and entry can be really deep. Everyone’s prostate is small; the average prostate weighs about 25 grams when a man is not erect. During erection the prostate swells and some evidence suggests it can then weigh up to six times more, as ejaculation is anticipated seminal fluid flows in. prostate-2a (1)

When you are sexually aroused the part of your cock that is inside (marked A in the diagram above) presses on your expanding prostate (marked B in the diagram above).  You can feel the inner part of your cock when you are aroused by simply running your finger along the ridge between your arsehole and balls, your perineum. You can gently massage this area with one finger circling 81 times to the right, breathing deeply and then 81 times to the left. Then place the tips of your four fingers on your perineum and vibrate your fingers furiously. Then relax for some time, become aware of your breathing, flutter your arse for several minutes, and repeat the exercise, butt this timing bring your circling finger all the way along your perineum directly onto your anal lips. Placing the tips of your fingers and thumb around your anal lips, vibrate furiously for several minutes and relax. Then, sliding a wet finger inside is of course, optional, butt highly recommended.


Prostate Milking Toys, are a great tool for prostate milking, Aneros or Nexus are the best. Avoid toys made by other companies. Remember the internal sphincter muscles within your arse do not allow things to pass through unless you relax and take it sensually. I kind of tease my arse with the aneros. !/4 inch insertion then completely push the device out. With a lubed finger then sensually massage your arse ring in circular motions at least 81 times. The as you breathe in insert the aneros a further 1/4 inch, hold your breather and then as you exhale push the device completely out again. Repeat the arse hole massage ritual and continue 1/4 by 1/4 inch until the device is fully inserted. Once the aneros is fully inserted relax, Relax for 10 – 15 minutes for your arse to become accustomed to the aneros. Try placing your hand on your stomach and breath in deeply, slightly squeezing your buttocks together as you inhale. Slowly exhale feeling your stomach and buttocks relax, gradually increasing the intensity. Use your free hand to message other erogenous areas, e.g. the scalp, the forehead, the area just below the throat, just below the chest, the inner thighs or the rear calf muscles. Sensually contract the anal sphincter, taking 8 to 15 seconds to maximum contraction, hold for a few seconds, and then relax the muscles for a further 8 – 15 seconds. Breathing should be synchronized with this anal sphincter exercise. Inhale deeply as you contract the muscles and exhale as you relax. Repeat this process up to 81 times. Every man should milk his prostate for immense pleasure and amazing ejaculations. Some men reject prostate milking as they fear it might “turn them into a homosexual. So what if it does. It might be the best thing that ever happened to him. For ore tips on turning gay click any image below.

Prostate milking is best for most men when combined with cock stimulation. The more aroused you are, the more swollen and pronounced the prostate will be, making it easier to locate and stimulate with your finger.

Tantric Prostate Massage London

improve your prostatic health

The second best thing any man can do to improve his prostatic health is to ejaculate while riding a condomed fat cock at least once a week. Butt, don’t lie there still as your being pleasured.

Get up of your magnificent arse and dance. THE PURPOSE OF THE PROSTATE IS EJACULATION. Research carried out by Professor Graham Giles, of the Cancer Council Victoria in Melbourne, Australia shows that men could reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer through regular masturbation, and ejaculation.

If your concerned about mineral deficiencies after ejaculation the best way to replace these is to eat your own semen.


a nice rare longhorn beef steak

Howdy y’all, I am a 59 y/o bi man, and I do get a regular prostate massage whenever i can find a partner with a nice hard one, and after the massage I always like to drink a pure protine COCKtail.

As for this healthy diet. Has it not come to mind, that 50 years ago prostate cancer was all but unheard of. Back then the skin of the chicken was the best part. The problem is not what we eat, but what is being fed to our food. Whenever you can find it have your self a nice rare longhorn beef steak. There are no artificial hormones and no antibiotics. Have some beans and hamhocks. When you can get them from your own garden or from someone that you know eat freash veggies and eat them raw. Whenever possible get your vitamins from your food and leave the pills in the bottle. It has become nessesary for me to change my eating habbits. I need to lose some weight to make it easier for me to breath. I have c.o.p.d. (it comes from somking too long not from eating the wrong food). You will notice that I said change my eating habbits, diet is a four letter word and consider the first three letters DIEt. I aint ready for that. We need to step back a few years and stop stressing, because stress is the real bad guy here. Gary

How to Massage Your Husbands Prostate

Every man should know exactly what his prostate feels like and he should check it at least twice a week. Make sure you have very short nails if you are going to use your fingers as well.

The most important thing is that you must be relaxed and see yourself as a tantric sex god. Put on your favorite CD, take a nice hot bath, after which you should continue to relax yourself by dancing around to the music, drinking champagne and gently moistening yourself. Remember that the muscles around you man’s arse (sphincter) will not allow things to pass through easily unless you relax and take it slow. Let say for example your husband is lying on his back, spread his legs and lie on top of him so he ran reach your clit with his tongue. Place the tip of your tongue on the ring of his arse and lick in a downward circular motion 81 times to the right and then 81 to the left. Put a huge amount of honey on your tongue and slowly put the honey into your husband’s arse. Repeat this at least 81 times. His arse should be really dripping wet of honey. Every time you put more honey you should go slightly further inside with your tongue, say 1/4 of an inch each time. Eventually you will reach like a nodule about the shape of a butter bean, that’s your husband’s prostate. Relax and just leave your tongue there forever. At the same time you should tickle his perineum (the area between his arse and balls). It’s this combination of rubbing the prostate internally and externally that makes this a pleasurable experience for men. Every man is different so listen to his responses, but most importantly talk to him. Tell him he has a magnificent arse, tell him how much you want to get your tongue inside. Ask him what he likes, and how he likes it. 

The purpose of this ritual is to take him and you on a journey. Forget about everything and just connect to his prostate. You should both breathe deeply together. Get him to lick your clit the way he wants you to flutter his prostate. Most men really love their cock sucked as they are having their prostate celebration. When you feel he is close to ejaculation. Remove your tongue and breathe deeply on the little lips of his arsehole. Huge big deep deep breaths. Remember the more you breathe the more he feels, magnificant. Sliding your tongue back deeper inside is of course optional, but highly recommended. Many straight men are a bit scared of anal pleasure as they associate it with “being Gay” but for many others it’s part of what they do sexually and are quite happy to have their wife put on a big strap-on dildo, and fuck them. If you feel he would like to be intimate with another man, you need to start putting that on the agenda. When he is fucking you put a lubed finger up his arse and tell him you would love him to recieve as much pleasure in his ass as he give you in your beautiful cunt, tell him you would like to see him just touch another man’s cock. Tell him your fantasies, and keep telling him your fantasies, take him on a big ride. Maybe you need to be abit of a dominatrix. Give him permission to give himself permission and once he has had a dabble he will be better at sex. He will get an energy from that experience that will make him a better man, and a better fucker and believe me you will enjoy the benefits. I wish you lots of luck and love on your sacred journey, Seb Cox

prosager massager 1936

I was very relaxed, just having had a little smoke. I was lying on my bed naked and horny. My cock was annoying me. I had just changed the bed-sheets and did not want spunk all over them. But, as ever, I decided to give myself a little treat. I generously lubed up my hungry arse and stuck my prosager up it. I must have fallen asleep shortly after that. I awoke to this little device pounding on my prostate. And then it happened. My spunk did not squirt out as it usually does. There was one big blast and I was fucking covered in it. It being, well I am not quite sure, it certainly smelled like spunk, but it wasn’t as thick as my spunk usually is. There must have been at least a half pint of it, yes all in one blast. Beleive me I never cumm that much. If I am honest I was a bit over whelmed by this experience, a bit shocked. I would not like to experience this every time I had sex. But as a very occasional experience I can only say ‘mind-boggling, And by the way I did need to change the sheets, and turn the mattress.