Revolutionize My Sexuality

Maybe it’s more than just a coincidence that I found your website when it seems it may lead me to find what I’ve been searching for, someone to revolutionize my sexuality, and sex life.  I have always believed that through sex I could experience a spiritual high that would touch, stroke my soul. You wrote … Read moreRevolutionize My Sexuality

52 healthy young males

According to Greek scientists, the length of a man’s index finger can accurately predict the length of his penis. The findings are published in the September issue of the journal Urology. Dr. Evangelos Spyropoulos and colleagues from the Naval and Veterans Hospital of Athens, Greece say they conducted their investigation to gather more information on the relationship between body measurements and male genitalia size. They argue that such information–as well as a clearer definition of “normal penile size”–will help doctors counsel and treat the many men who are concerned about perceived inadequacies relating to their genitals.

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The “lack of standardized metric data and the absence of widely acceptable criteria on the proper size of the external genitalia poses major difficulties in the counseling and/or treatment of young adult men with worries of sexual inadequacy,” the authors write.

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In their study, Spyropoulos and colleagues measured penile length and testicular volume in 52 healthy young males between the ages of 19 and 38 and compared them with other body measurements including height, weight, body mass index, index finger length and waist/hip ratio. In lieu of measuring a man’s erect penis, the team measured the flaccid, gently stretched penis, which they note is statistically correlated to erect penis length.

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Age and (body measurements) were not associated with the size of the genitalia, excluding the index finger length, which correlated significantly with the dimensions of the flaccid, maximally stretched, penis,” the report indicates.

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“We realize that the study population was relatively inadequate and suggest that a greater scale study with a significantly larger number of subjects is needed to confirm the observations, particularly the demonstrated trend of penile length with index finger length,” Spyropoulos and colleagues conclude.

SOURCE: Urology 2002;60:485-491.

I’ve recently discovered “penis sounding”

The insertion of rods down the shaft. It sounds sick. Just wait ’til you try it. No name According to the website The Chain Gang there are actually many urethral sound benefits. Some of the most important ones are: Great Feeling. Urethral sounding produces many pleasurable sensations. Something New. Urethral sounding allows you to try something … Read moreI’ve recently discovered “penis sounding”

Harfaggerson Haakon 1001

Viking Warrior Rub

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017, 6:30 PM

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“dear disciples, Every morning, wake up with the sun, and even if you see it fill with joy and radiance of power. Come out, the snow and light a fire to be your source of heat such as the sun and shine. Sit down before the fire, catch your palms virile member that battle every man and rub it well with the snow, in a move that starts the bottom. Repeat this operation several times (at least 2-3 times). Your virile member will lose three quarters of its size and your testicles will be like two small leather bags frozen from the cold. Then place your hands over the flame of fire and heat them with power uploading with ardent passion of his. When they get to be extremely hot, get back in your hands and pull his penis on top of it like you want it lengthens. Will begin to increase again as when you are in front of a beautiful woman, ready to jump into her arms full of love. Now stop rubbing your penis and fill your hands with snow again. Take advantage of size member virile and massaged it upward with cold hands full of snow until it reaches again very small. Warm your hands again and resume the procedure from the beginning. Do this operation for at least seven times and you will see that your penis, knowing successively heat and cold will become strong as a rock and so slender as the tree that rises above the high peaks”. Harfaggerson Haakon

Viking Warrior Rub

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017, 6:30 PM

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Harfaggerson Haakon was known as “the man with the ice phallus was famous for his huge cock. Haakon used a special technique to enlarge his penis. He held parties at which he taught other men the technique. He had a team of helpers who were called disciples. Above is a letter he wrote to one of them.

Viking Warrior Rub

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017, 6:30 PM

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An Introduction to Your Penis

balls shaft outer foreskin inner foreskin colonal sumlcus urinary meatus glans freleum corona ridge frenar band An Introduction to Your Penis Q = A 💕The Brotherhug of Pleasure💕 London, GB 2,874 almighty members Men minding men, men massaging men, men celebrating the lost religion of masculinity. Don’t worry if you have no massage experience, as the … Read moreAn Introduction to Your Penis

a friend for masturbation

I am a daily penis masturbator and I love it. I am a well-respected 65 year old man with a good job and many friends. I don’t know if any of them know that every morning I push down my pants and masturbate for 3 or 4 hours but some of them may suspect that … Read morea friend for masturbation

Part time penis massage work available


Part time penis massage work available. in London and all over the UK and Republic of Ireland. Earn £75 + per hour. Choose your own hours. Work from home, or travel. Suitable for men with an interest in being kind and loving and giving male massage. One off investment £75. Become a Succesful Tantric Masseur – 1 Day Workshop, In both London and Manchester. More info, or to register, click here. There are some notes for the class at

Professional Tantric Massage Training 4 Men London

Friday, Dec 30, 2016, 1:30 PM

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Multi Orgasmic Man

Hello Seb, This is a fascinating topic that brings back a particular early memory for me. At a very early age, I can remember having multiple orgasms before I had the ability to ejaculate. In fact, I was having multiple orgasms before I even knew what an ejaculate was. I have quite a vivid memory … Read moreMulti Orgasmic Man

old penis kung fu

The great thing about getting older is your penis never stops growing. Ancient Chinese Philosophers (Taoists) believed that as you got older your penis length and thickness increased. Although the rest of the male body stops growing at 30, not your magickal cock. It is understood that this is due to the way men “flutter” (shaking and squeezing) their penis to expel the last few drops after urinating. They also philosophied about the best type of cock for lovemaking. Their conclusion was that a penis with a narrow shaft and a big mushroom head was superior. They invented a special “mushrooms” exercise to improve their penis.


During Taoist meditation(masturbation) when their penis was erect they would cup their hand around the shaft of the penis and squeeze it tightly outwards pumping blood into the “mushroom”. They would continue squeezing very hard until the penis became hard as stone. They found repeating this over a period of time would lead to stronger erections, and a bigger mushroom head. After repeating that exercise several times they would then sit down on a chair with their feet touching the ground firmly and spread there legs. They would proceed to hold their penis at the base slapping it firmly from side to side so that it would alternatively slap on the right and then the left upper leg. This exercise also desensitised their penises helping to delay ejaculation, experience the sensations of in ejaculation, enabling then to make love for much longer periods, and eventually enjoy greater ejaculation and multi orgasmic sensations. I love penis kung fu. It combines masturbation and meditation.

It celebrates the penis as a way to raise ‘sexual energy. It is a delayed ejaculation – the purpose to practice. The aim is to heighten your sexual energy and to feel it for much longer than you would usually. It is about celebrating your entire body and the joy that is your magick touch can bring, touching yourself with a intention of love and respect, it is deeply relaxing and and a great method of meditation and a great way to experience male full body orgasm.

dutch daddy third eye

the bottom line in taoist sex is

Caring and compassion for,

our penis and then the rest,

is simple, natural, plain and quiet.

Taoist sex is about….

…simplifying sex in a honest, natural way.

You’ll have a better orgasm if you have better sex…

silver daddy naked big dick

The secret is being honest,

loving yourself, surrendering,

to your sexual needs and allowing

stillness and patience with yourself.

…it’s that simple.

You should never be in a hurry.

Taoism asks for sex without preconceived ideas.

It is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is about having sex,

that makes you understand yourself better

cock size issue

Personally I think there is more to penis size as regard a man’s self esteem, although it seems all men want to have a big cock and not just for “decorative” purposes. Personally size is not an issue for me, nor is it an issue (as far as I’m concerned) when it comes to the men I’ve been with. I could see a huge cock but if it does not have an appealing shape and look I will snore. On the flip size if a smaller cock has what I consider “appeal” as far as its shape and look that will turn me on. I think gay males tend to be a bit obsessed with penis size, both their own and potential partners. I find this a bit interesting as most menappreciate the girth of my penis probably even more than the length, and I am well endowed in both areas. I think with the girth they “feel” me more when I penetrate them and for me they feel quite tight. This is more a pleasure thing than an ego/self esteem issue though. Perhaps the equivalent may be found in women and their breast size. In general women want to have big breasts, not necessarily huge but big enough to catch a man’s eye. I think when they feel they are well endowed in that area they feel better about their looks and therefore themselves. Similarly a man, and I think this applies to gay as well as straight, would prefer to have a good sized penis, it will make him more desirable (he believes) he will look better and therefore will feel better about himself and his masculinity. In the end we don’t fall for a body part, we fall for a human being and the person they are, big or small, the penis will not rule the heart. Jacques

discussion and respect

 hi seb really enjoy your website, thoroughly enjoy the connection with today’s males, there far more sophisticated than their counterparts of years gone by, it’s challenging and very introspective to engage an intelligent conversation of sexuality, with men. I find it stimulating and a fantastic way to share intimacy with a guy, in verbatim of … Read morediscussion and respect

Manually Stimulated

Chi Kung is an ancient Taoist art of body control Claiming to resist disease, retard aging, prolong virility, and for all I know give oneself X-ray vision. Practitioners begin their sessions with an hour-long warm-up to stimulate the senses through breathing routines and stretches. After the blood has been stimulated, the men retreat to a small room … Read moreManually Stimulated