Soften the time with each other and await the small everlasting orgasmic sensations. the mind wants MORE, BIGGER, DEEPER, LOUDER and NOW. the kundalini wants softer and everlasting. Do not expect/demand/await/. do not hang on to what you have done, remember/savour/nourish/carry what is has done for you. do not share what you have done with others, share … Read moreNO SHAME NO TABOO NO GUILT

spank my arse tantra

Prepare for a mind-blowing experience! Spank my arse tantra allows you to experience an unbelievable euphoric ‘natural high’. Endorphins are released to counteract the pain signals being sent to the brain. They interact with the brain’s opiate receptors, having an effect similar to morphine, which results in an intense ‘high’. Some men experience an altered state of consciousness. Exposing your magnificent arse to a male spanking will stimulate the pudendal nerve (major nerve supplying the genitals), increasing blood flow and causing your cock to become engorged. The brain processes this stimulus as pleasure rather than pain and releases adrenaline. This causes your cock to become further enlarged, thereby intensifying your experience,  triggering amazing pleasure unbelievable psychological and physical responses. Prepare for a mind-blowing experience!

Spanking London

Recently I had an friend of mine over for some spanking play. As we talked about the spanking that I would be getting I noticed a bulge in the front of his shorts. Quite a large bulge at that. I know that he enjoys spanking me, but this was the first time that I noticed … Read moreSpanking London

Spiritual Spanking

Spiritual Spanking is a powerful way for you to claim your arse for pleasure. If you have only experienced painful spanking for punishment and resist being spanked, your arse really does not belong to you – it still belongs to whoever abused you.

male spanking

Your arse is filled with nerve endings that can give you a “hole” lot of pleasure. When you are totally relaxed I will gently spank your sexy arse. You will find it extremely pleasurable and deeply relaxing, I always start slowly and gently. with an intention to care for, love, and pleasure you. By spreading that energy all over your mind, body and “hole” I will awaken your chakras, and eventually combined with cock massage bring you close to orgasm, again, and again and again, again to an orgasm that you always knew you were capable of. Afterwards, I will hold you in my arms and cuddle you.