Is There a Connection Between A Man’s Face And His Penis?

Ever wondered if there was a connection between a man’s face and his penis. Well the answer is clear, look at the picture of this handsome rugby player, as you can see, you can tell a lot about his face from looking at magnificent cock. You can also tell even more about his cock from … Read moreIs There a Connection Between A Man’s Face And His Penis?

a unique story


Male Erotic Art. A picture made by Rey Rey is one that tells a unique story. As an artist, his passion, kindness and easy going nature make people feel relaxed and comfortable in front of his lens. This allows him to capture the purest essence and true personality of his subjects. A photo by Rey Rey is one that will be cherished for a lifetime. More details at his facebook page

Quinn Christopher Jaxon Cocky

Quinn Christopher Jaxon cock erect exposed

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