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Hello Sean, I’m not really qualified to offer anything other than massage. But i would suggest 2 things use a vibration prostate massager and get your doctor to prescribe ciallasDelayed ejaculation often referred to as DE, has been the subject of very little research, probably because it effects only about 10 man in 100, while it’s counterpart premature ejaculation effects about 75%. Over a period of 25 years I have only ever encountered about 20 men who talked to me about DE. I’m not sure if this is relevant, most were male sex workers, who would have trained them selves to control their ejaculaton. For more info, read this article from the NHS website.

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hello seb cox, i’m a 23 year old guy who’s having problem with my sexual life. i have a boyfriend and i enjoy having sex with him and he loves what i do to him, but i can’t reach my point of no return (ejaculate) not even masturbating, been penetrated or penetrate my boyfriend and i know that he feels bad because i don’t reach my climax. He tries to help me and saying to me that i have to focus and consentrated but i can’t. please if you can help me in anyway or tell me what could be the problem write me the information or if i need a sexologist or something like that tell me please please please….thanks for the time reading this boring letter, sincerely and cordialy juan in Londonspunked face

seb cox replies : Juan. Let me begin by saying you are a star, this is not in any way a boring letter. It’s fascinating  If you have never ejaculated this could be caused by either an emotional issue, or a physical one. Physical reasons could include because your tired or maybe due to the effects of alcohol or some medication you may be taking. On the other hand an emotional issue could be something as simple as anxiety about ejaculation. Either way i suggest you go along to your G.P. and explain to him your situation  Ask him to refer you to an urologist. The urologist should be able to discover the cause of your problem, and reassure you about possible solutions. While waiting for your appointment continue to have sex with your boyfriend. But do not put any pressure on yourself to ejaculate. Don’t focus or try to concentrate just have the wildest sex you have ever had. Really go for it.


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