Sacramental Cannabis

Roderick W. Marling has dedicated the last 36 years to Yoga meditation and research in the area of expanding consciousness. If you’ve ever suspected that Cannabis was once considered a sacred plant and used in ritual settings, then you will definitely be interested in this material. The Cannabis Papers was written by Roderick W. Marling and is protected by copyright. However it is formatted so that you can easily download it for your own personal use. Give it to all those you feel might benefit, but for any other consideration please contact KamaKala Publications.

gently inserted my Prostate Massager

I was very relaxed, just having had a little smoke. I was lying on my bed naked and horny. My cock was annoying me. I had just changed the bed-sheets and did not want spunk all over them. But, as ever, I decided to give myself a little treat. I generously lubed up my hairy … Read moregently inserted my Prostate Massager

American Sex Sex Therapists Using Cannabis to Help Patients Find Their ‘Full Sexual Potential’

Many who have had sex while smoking cannabis will tell you about their wonderful sexual orgasms. Many have found cannabis enables them to be more sent, aware and more pleasurable sexual experiences. While Cannabis is still illegal in the UK, some Americana sexologists and therapists have begun informally incorporating cannabis into their practices, suggesting their … Read moreAmerican Sex Sex Therapists Using Cannabis to Help Patients Find Their ‘Full Sexual Potential’

marijuana enhanced masturbation

In the 2003 study “Cannabis Effects and Dependency Concerns in Long-Term Frequent Users,” 54 percent of the 104 “experienced” marijuana users surveyed said smoking weed had the effect of sexual stimulation. Another Canadian study, from 2008, “Understanding the Motivations for Recreational Marijuana Use Among Adult Canadians,” nearly half of the 41 adult participants said that marijuana … Read moremarijuana enhanced masturbation

the strong and stable campaign 4 cannabis law reform UK

Here in the United Kingdom the Tory Government’s Drug Minister Victoria Atkins opposes cannabis law reforms and has spoken out against the class B drug, even for medical use. I am going to give you a hundred guesses as to what her husband does for a living. Go on, just even have 1 guess. This … Read morethe strong and stable campaign 4 cannabis law reform UK

Does marijuana cause erectile dysfunction?

According to a recent article on the MedicalNewsToday webshite, marijuana can cause erectile dysfunction. If you read the article carefully you will see that is actually the journalist’s opinion rather than something that is actually based on scientific facts or research, even though lots of research is refered to in the article, none of it … Read moreDoes marijuana cause erectile dysfunction?

magnificent caring loving

He was magnificent, caring  loving, he’d open me with his tongue and fingers, and I’d do the same for him, and then we’d go for it turn by turn, couldn’t stop. The first sign that things were moving onto another dimension was on Ron’s side.


I’d take a breather, still inside him, and he’d clench hold me, quite lightly, sort of milking me while I played with his nipples and he played with my balls or put a finger inside me. We’d keep this up as long as we could – sort of nirvana plateau, ecstasy – and then he’d suddenly go into spasm, incredible feelings for me, and he’d be out his mind; and then I’d start thrusting again, and so on. So he tried that on me, alternating long,  slow thrusting – and, Jesus, was he a master! – with long, still passages, when he’d hardly move, and I’d lightly grip him and get myself flickering, and then it would go out of control, and I’d be coming and coming; and then eventually it would kind of fuse into a huge, generalized sensation, my whole body shaking and contracting, as he drove into me, and we’d shout the rooftops down – and then start all over again. (that’s the good thing about that stuff – and no hangover in the morning, just more of the same. Aren’t we lucky, mate! You’ve obviously had the same experience. The secret is surrender, stillness and patience; loving yourself as well as the other. Your word, intimacy. Creating something.
Cheers – JEREMY

highly sexual

i was reading a discussion on some website discussing the strange occurrence of cannabis smokers wanting to worship cock when high. One bloke wrote ‘I’m quite a hardcore pothead, I feel very heterosexual, i am very attracted to girls and not at all to men when sober, but when I get high I just want to gently touch a big cock. He asked if anyone else happened to have the same effects? He said that it was just curiosity, not that it really bothers him since he was still attracted to girls while high, but that he sometimes feel weirded by male friends with whom he don’t usually feel attracted to. He was wondering if he was bisexual or highly sexual. I personally think he is neithert. I’ve spend a couple of hours thinking about a word that would describe a man cannabis smokers wanting to worship cock when high. I had to dig deep into my ancient knowledge, butt, I did find one, TANTRICK, (as in Mouth Congress)

the strong and stable campaign 4 cannabis law reform UK


Most men have at least three spots between their legs that feel very good 1. The “vspot” – its the spot on the underside of the mans penis, right along the urethra, where the shaft meets the head (there’s a little groove above it). This can be very sensitive when a guy gets hard… when … Read morevspot

Cannabis Cures Cancer

The US government has thrown its weight behind the earth-shattering claims that cannabis can cure cancer. Health researchers for the US government claim that the active ingredients in cannabis – can inhibit the illness by causing cell death and blocking key blood vessels needed by tumours to grow. They say studies in mice and rats show cannabinoids may be able to kill cancer cells – while still protecting normal cells. Key chemical ingredients in marijuana were found effective in fighting against colon cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and several other forms of the disease. It was also suggested that cannabis can boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy – without any of the nasty side effects. Commenting on the research London based Philosopher, Mr Cox, said, obviously prevention is better than the cure. Unfortunately a recent YouGov survey of adults in Britain, Germany and the U.S. finds that the British are the most opposed to cannabis legalisation. But there is hope, the next geneartion are more honest than their mothers and fathers. Adults aged 18-24 in the UK favour legalisation.

Cannabis makes you gay


Cannabis will not harm your health, scientists have claimed.
Experts gave the advice as they launched the world’s first ever guidelines on how to take drugs safely. Cannabis users are unlikely to encounter long-term health issues if they smoke such a small dose, according to the ground-breaking guide. Scientists at Kings College London have launched the new Safer Use Limits app to reduce harm among drug users. It aims to inform people of the risk their drug-taking poses to their health. The app reveals cannabis users are unlikely to encounter long-term health issues if they smoke just one joint a week. Extensive research of more than 40,000 cannabis users found one low dose joint a week makes long-term health problems unlikely. to comment on the research.

a power to deliver

God has given us a dark wine so potent that,
drinking it, we leave the two worlds.

smoky foreplay

God has put into the form of hashish a power
to deliver the taster from self-consciousness.


God has made sleep so
that it erases every thought.

washing dick 5

There are thousands of wines
that can take over our minds.


Don’t think all ecstacies
are the same!

cannabis cock ney

Jesus was lost in his love for God.
His donkey was drunk with barley.

smoking pissing

Drink from the presence of saints,
not from those other jars.

naked old man erect

Every object, every being,
is a jar full of delight.

old huge cock-of-the-month1

Be a conoisseur,
and taste with caution.

mature man wanking his big fat cock in sexy orange tshirt

Any wine will get you high.
Judge like a king, and choose the purest,


the ones unadulterated with fear,
or some urgency about “what’s needed.”


Drink the wine that moves you
as a camel moves when it’s been untied,

and is just ambling about.

the dance of Love

mature sleeping cock exposed

Both light and shadow are the dance of Love. Love has no cause; it is the astrolabe of God’s secrets. Lover and Loving are inseparable and timeless. Although I may try to describe Love when I experience it I am speechless. Although I may try to write about Love I am rendered helpless; my pen … Read morethe dance of Love