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hi, i too have experienced a similar thing. i was lying on the bed with my partner and he lubed his finger up and inserted into my arse.  he continued doing this for approx 20 mins and i was loving every min of it.  after some time we think he found my prostate.  it was such a nice feeling that he worked his finger harder and harder, turning his finger around inside of me.  after about a further 10 mins i had a sort of orgasm,  it was a great feeling, not like a normal orgasm after wanking off but when i came my juice sort of oozed out of me.  we have tried to do the same thing again, i have even tried to do it myself.  if i am lying on my back and insert a finger in my ass which is the best way to find the prostate. hope you can help. thanks, mike

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Mr Cox Replies : Get him to lie on his back.  Kneel between his legs. Turn your hand so your palm is facing the ceiling. Using a very well lubed finger slide it in sensually about 2 inches inside his manhole, gently pull your finger back and forward as if you were beckoning to yourself. The little ridge you feel is his prostate. Use your other hand to massage the area between his balls and arsehole. By doing this you will be able to feel the prostate internally and externally.

Do you use a prostate massager


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