Am I?

Bit by Bit I am becoming more attracted to cock. I never thought I would ever say this but now I have. It began with a dream. Then I stumbled on this wonderful website and keep coming back to it. I have even posted a little here. I have started to visit gay chat rooms. At first I just chatted but now I have even been video chatting (without displaying my face). I even remove all my clothes when possible. I like the experience of knowing someone is turned on by my cock. I like that I have made men cum. I like that I have cum for men in these chats.

I have not yet tried meeting someone as I still wonder if I would have the courage to do so and I wouldn’t want to disappoint the man. I think I may be more than bi curious. Am I?

One thought on “Am I?

  1. Well. You are certainly curious and that’s fun. Enjoy it. But as for more? I doubt it. More men are fluid than let on to be. Add it to your range of sexual kinks to be relished and enjoyed. Dicks are fun to play with.

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