albolene for masturbation uk

albolene for masturbation uk

I have just been reading some great reviews on the net from American men who use albolene as a lube for for masturbation.  It’s  a simple unscented moisturising cream.

What makes it best is it’s super slippery, lasts forever, NO ODOR WHATSOEVER (no evidence for us married guys), never dries out, wipes off easy. For we circumcised guys, the lubricated intensity of gliding over the head is un comparable. Albolene keeps your penis from getting irritated from friction like in long dry masturbating session, and keeps it soft and moist – which is important with the head to keep it sensitive as possible. A jar lasts forever, really. You gotta try it. Anon

My lube of choice for masturbation is an oil based “moisturizer” called Albolene. It is somewhere between Vaseline, which is too thick, and mineral oil which is too thin. It can be found in the facial area in most major drug stores. I first heard about it about 4 or 5 years ago from an online friend. I had been jacking with the normal things that you grow up with, like lotion. But a few hours of jacking with that gets pretty old. It dries up or gets glopped up on my hand or penis. When I found out about it I was living abroad, so had to wait until I returned. One of the first things I did when I returned was search out Albolene, and I haven’t turned back since. Currently I have 3 jars going: one near the bed, and 2 in the masturbation room. Now just the thought of dipping my fingers in the jar and spreading it on my cock excites me. The label excites me. Seeing the grease excites me. Even a few spare pubic hairs stuck in the jar is hot. I pretty much get off even thinking about my masturbation. From Ball Stretchers, Cock Rings and Albolene

An excellent lube is Albolene, which can be found at the drug store in some parts of the U.S. The jar, which has a blue and green label, says it’s a “liquefying cleanser,” but there’s no soap in it. It’s made for removing make-up, but it’s terrific for masturbating. Apply a small amount, and you’re good for an hour with no drying out — and it wipes off with a towel easily, leaving no stains. One important thing to remember about Albolene, however, is that it not to be used with condoms, since it’s not water-based. Also note: Albolene seems to be sold only in certain parts of the U.S.; it may not be available on the West Coast or other parts of the world. From ALBOLENE FOREVER

To tell us about your experience of using albolene for masturbation, please leave a reply below. Also, it doesn’t seem to be available here in the Uk. Does anyone know what is the closest thing that is available here.

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  1. I remember “lotion jokes” in sex comedies and even MAD magazine.

    I didn’t get them until college. Growing up, very few of the guys in my area were circumcised, but, freshman year, I caught my roommate using olive oil.

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