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We have thus a tetragrammaton

(n : four Hebrew letters usually transliterated as YHWH (Yahweh) or JHVH (Jehovah) signifying the Hebrew name for God which the Jews regarded as too holy to pronounce) which contains no feminine component. The initial force is here the holy spirit and its vehicle or weapon the “sword and balances.”

a letter to everyone

Justice is then done upon the mercurial “Virgin,” with the result that the man is “hanged” or extended, and is slain in this manner. Such an operation makes creation impossible…The great merits of this formula are that it avoids contact with the inferior planes, that it is self sufficient, that it involves no responsibility, and that it leaves its masters not only stronger in themselves, but wholly free to fulfil their essential natures.

Its abuse is an abomination. “We must present ourselves in both our physical and our spiritual selves.

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At the same time we must remain conscious that our spirituality expands and will one day make contact with the entire world, with all beings on earth and in heaven. While our physical self is very limited, our internal activity is utterly vast. Our actions reach only a few people, while our feelings and especially our thoughts are capable of reaching all beings. Thought is far more powerful and embraces infinitely more than the will which inspires our actions; it is also more subtle and has greater possibilities. By way of thought we can do anything we want, even travel in space, whereas the will, because it operates in matter, meets with enormous resistance and remains very limited in its sphere of activity.

One day, however, after numerous incarnations and immense spiritual work, our thoughts will activate our will instantaneously.” D.Toyne & Seb Cox


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