Under his Kilt

One of my naughtiest fantasies is a guy wearing a kilt. He can be as old as 50 and above. He and I are at a secret place, he gives a sexy smile then he reveals what’s under his kilt. Masculinity and a smile that’s the best combination. Maybe he gives me a personal show by letting me get under and look up at the view. I’d drip cum so hard if that ever should happen! Kilts are so hot. Love it when men older than me show them off (and a bonus when they reveal what’s under them too!) Chris on 22/06/2016

An Almighty Pair of Scottish Arses.

Have you ever experienced a cock in a kilt, please tell us about your experiences below…

9 thoughts on “Under his Kilt

  1. Man I to be in Scotland to lay in the grass with a Scottish man in a kilt over me tasting his cum as I see his beautiful cock and balls !

  2. No but I want so much want to have a big man with a kilt on for him to be over me and taste his cock and balls and then do his way with me!

  3. Love the kilt! So sexy. Hope you find more hot pics (and vids) only people giving us a look … no spying. Hot!

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