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Stunning…. Well ahead of its’ TIME!!!! And upon the second viewing, it was quietly and profoundly moving, very moving. LOVE truly was there, despite prison. A prison not only of walls, but of the mind, feelings, and romantic DESTINY. Society is a prison!!!! Both then (1950), and now. 2014, and there is still a very long ways to go. It is quite sad that Jean Genet would later denounce this film. His eternally “present” masterwork bludgeoned by both time and himself, but still and nonetheless UNBOWED. Again, it is a superb and stunning film. BRAVO! Anon

Love this….find it incredibly erotic and emotionally and sexually charged …..sometimes i think the gay world has actually gone backwards not forwards….this movie is 65 years old yet it has all the elements of why men with men is so right and so primal and horny….the more mature prisoner is completely masculine and absolutely stunning …the suggestive way that their lust and love is portrayed is more powerful because it taps into our own imagination…..incredibly horny art !! Red Raw

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  1. I am 18 years old, I love this film, it lets me escape, 2 where I find happiness

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