strip poker


Late August is always a time to party and fuck all your friends before going back up to college. I was chilling and staying over my friends house one night and wow. We were both two of the hottedt guys on campus. His bush was huge while my chest was hairy and often licked by every sluty virgin. I knew i wanted to fuck him just to “try” him. His parents and siblings had all left and we started to drink and smoke some pot. We then called up our two sluts and played strip poker. we said that if the girls lost first they had to make out and did they. Then what do you know but everyone is naked a having a huge orgy. i went tomy friend and he opened his hole for me. it had that little bit of hair and shit that looked so hot. I started to lick it up and down and got some ball action as i got into him. thenn i fucked my first man. I did him so hard that he cried and the girls blew him and sucked my hole. His brothers came in and both blew a huge load the took off their clothes and joined in. We still have some cum soaked nighta once in awhile and HOLY SHIT i saw that bush and fucked the three brothers. I love cock now and get one at least twice a week. I even did a profesor one pot soaked, cum filled night. God i love that night. funusfunkky


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