Tiger’s Wood

I have always been a big fan of Tiger’s Wood. I think he has been an amazing role  model for men, not just younger black men butt, for men in general. One of things about being a man, is that sometimes you fuck up. It’s usually about not getting  the sex that satisfies you. When that happens, being a man is not about kicking another man when he is down. It’s rather about saying, what a dick! I bet you when that’s erect it’s amazing. A big hug for Tiger@s Wood. It’s probably what has saved him from his depression.  Celebrity Cock Tiger Woods is the latest celebrity victim to have their nude photos plastered on the Internet. Great cock though, would certainly fill any hole in one?

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One thought on “Tiger’s Wood

  1. Wow, I knew he couldn’t keep it in his khakis, but I never expected a dick pic. (He’s cheated on his wife multiple times. She eventually went psycho over it.) Then again, it seems everybody and his father has a pen0r pixplzthx now.

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