St. Priapus Church London EC1

Hi Mr Cox. It’s a pleasure to have found you online. I recently became a believer of the Temple Of Priapus and have converted from being a Christian to Priapean. I believe Cock is God but my path has just begun and letting go of my inhibition is very hard although k have a burning desire bubbling in my loins and in my heart to love and care for Cock. I want to be married to Cock and in total service to Cock. My desire is to worship the Penis and watch the Lord reward me with the sweet nectar. I really believe to achieve this reward will make me more devoted but I don’t know where to start. I need your help brother

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  1. Hi, Wow, one simple search, ended with finding with what I had been searching for, the love of cock. Cock is God, thank you, thank you. You have a beautiful cock but your eyes are more than beautiful. I have now at last found religion. Contact me at to

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