Tantric Poppers

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Amyl nitrite is the chemical compound with the formula C5H11ONO. First produced in 1857 as a treatment for angina, amyl nitrite evaporates at room temperature. The vapour released causes your veins and arteries to dilate resulting in the blood flowing faster through the heart and the brain. It came in a sealed bulb, about 3 times bigger than a cod liver oil tablet. When the bulb was broken, it maked a poppings sound; hence the name “poppers”. Before 1979, it was available without a prescription. Older men will tell you tell you, if you ask them nicely, that since then what is being sold as poppers is not  is not as effective. Since the law changed many companies sell other nitrites as “room aromas”. If your lucky probably, butyl nitrite or isobutyl nitrite, but, it is never clear which nitrite excactly they are selling. Nitrates are extremely corrosive and you should never drink or eat it as it can burn and severely damage the skin. Mixing this with a drink or combination of other drugs can be dangerous. Mixing with any erection-inducing drugs, including Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil)and Levitra tablets (vardenafil), can be very dangerous if you are using nitrates as it causes your blood pressure to drop.


I think that my experiences with aromas has been universally good. They make me focus on the man that I’m with, and intensify my connection to my partner.  And the make orgasm terrific! I have reviewed the limited scientific data on aromas and it seems to me that they are likely less damaging than alcohol. Of course, I would prefer that they be risk free, but nothing that we enjoy is. Don’t damn poppers without good reason; they are good alternatives to more dangerous drugs Robert

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The only aroma I like when I’m having sex is the scent of fucking, a good fucking sweaty body with it’s own fucking funk — got that “Sexy”? I don’t fucking do any fucking drugs, I get high on FUCKING Just Jack

tantric poppers

There’s nothing quite so good as being on your knees in a backroom – all poppered up, servicing any and every man that cums along. The bigger and the more of them the better SirLag


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