Gay Tantra


Being Gay, Practicing Tantra (in Buddhism) – gay, lesbian, and bisexual people often have difficulty placing trust in a religious path after the negative experiences so many of us have had. Even in organisations which seem initially friendly, there is so often the ‘bottom line’: we are accepted so long as we don’t bring our partners along, or mention homosexuality, or as long as we don’t aspire to become teachers or leaders or fully-fledged members. However, in Vajrayana Buddhism there is — or should be — no obstacle or difference in treatment for sexual minorities, because in Vajrayana every aspect of our being is an aspect of our beginningless enlightenment. That includes our sexuality – especially our sexuality, because sexuality is such a powerful metaphor, particularly within Tantra. Sexual orientation makes no difference at all to the way gay people are viewed within Aro. Everyone is completely accepted as they are, and valued for the uniqueness of their personality. One of the contributions that we make as gay people is our gayness – our ability to see things a little differently. Sometimes experience can lead us to scan the horizon for the expected disappointment; the barrier to full acceptance. So we may come across elements within Vajrayana which make us feel ‘here it comes again’. For example, the yab-yum imagery and the khandro-pawo teachings are expressed within a heterosexual framework – and we may perceive them as excluding us. More from that article –

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