American Sex Sex Therapists Using Cannabis to Help Patients Find Their ‘Full Sexual Potential’

Many who have had sex while smoking cannabis will tell you about their wonderful sexual orgasms. Many have found cannabis enables them to be more sent, aware and more pleasurable sexual experiences. While Cannabis is still illegal in the UK, some Americana sexologists and therapists have begun informally incorporating cannabis into their practices, suggesting their clients try masturbating while high. Diana Urman, a Californian based sexologist, recommends weed to clients who are having trouble orgasming or who have never experienced an orgasm, even after decades of sexual activity. Urman, who has a PhD in human sexuality, has observes dramatic changes dick here

Edging & Ballooning

What is Edging? Edging is a wanking technique that involves spreading your legs as wide apart as is comfortable and bringing yourself very close to ejaculation but stopping before you cumm. It is recomended that you try and last about 20 minutes every day. Learning not to cumm as soon as you feel the urge will make you feel like a sex god, delivering deep juddering multi orgasms and a greater amount of ejaculate. What is ballooning? The ballooning technique is very similar to edging, but it feels alot more intense. Ballooning is edging with the addition of Kegel exercises dick here

7 Amazing Cock Stretching Techniques

Mr Cox’s 7 Amazing Cock Stretching Techniques that will take your male masturbation to a more mindful space. 1. Massage pure coconut oil mixed with organic honey deeply into your fattening cock. 2. Take your cock and slap it around gently. Slap it more than 30 times, onto your right leg and then on the left leg. Make sure you cover your balls with your other hand. 3. Using your thumb and a finger, squeeze the base of the cock shaft slowly and sensually pull down to the head of your cock. Repeat, at least 81 times with alternating hands. dick here

soft cock wanking

The most important advice I can give to any man who wants to have an absolutely almighty wank is that the  secret is putting one hand on your cock and one hand on your belly to feel yourself breathe. Huge big deep breaths. Accepting pleasure, surrendering, and allowing stillness and patience. It’s that simple. Every wanking technique is a celebration of righteousness. Spend sometime without having A HARDON, you know the space between semi_erect and_slighty less, thats where you need to  take your fattening cock. As soon as you get a hard on, and are not ready to cumm, stop dick here

Thinking About Jesus

A Pastor in A Bapist Church in the US has ordered Naked Old Christian Men to Only Think About Jesus While Masturbating. The church which has recently lowered the allowable age of masturbation to 65 for recent widowers. “We really had no choice,” noted a tired and distraught Pastor Deacon Fred. We don’t ignore the parts we don’t like, as the John 3:16 pseudo-Christians do, nor do we add to the Bible, like those Pope-loving Catholics The new policy is not without its limitations, however. “While the Bible does not outlaw masturbation, it severely restricts the circumstances under which it may occur,” dick here

gangbangs and double penetration

I am married to a wonderful woman and I love her. I have a lot of great mates. Some of them very good looking. I’ve recently started to look at some porn on the net mainly to do with gangbangs and double penetration. It seems to me that what turns me on (as well as the juicey women that I’d love to lick) is the fact that the men’s dicks are touching each other and in some they come on the women’s faces and on each other’s dicks. God I can’t stop thinking about being in between their legs and dick here

The Sacred Matrix

Sexuality is the conceiving power of the universe… Pure sexuality is sexuality that is not clouded by fear, degradation or bad thoughts. It is lusty nakedness without the farce of false emotions… Without sexuality we can neither understand the world, nor the history of human beings, Nor ourselves. Sexual knowledge is true mystery knowledge. — Dieter Duhm, “The Sacred Matrix”

mindful masturbation classes

I recently held one of my mindful masturbation classes in London. We used the 3 Circles ritual  to guide us as a tool for our sexological learning. Facilitating this type of erotic event scares me, i mean, really fucking scares. But, I am inspired by the Balcan Godess, Marina-Abramovi who says you have to do events that scare you. We began sitting in a circle, we discussed what advice we would give to ourselves as older men talking to our younger self. We all had to write three words to represent that advice we would give ourselves about masturbation. The words dick here

gently caressing

Start through fantasy so begin to get hard. Use hand to gently touch face,(upper lip, chin neck), Touch lightly stomach neck, tummy thighs. Get hard, and drop some baby oil on cock. gently run fingers up and down the cock. Pull skin back, and run thumb and two fingers up and down cock, thumb caressing up to the head, while fingers gently caressing the side (fenelum ?) Keep going gently so the pleasure intensifies,vary the pressure to maximise pleasure, until you shoot. Joe_s