Stand Up & B/ Mounted

Ok, so we decided to buy a strap-on after discussing anal sex after looking at a few web sites last week. We got REALLY turned-on !!!!!! Dana took the liberty to order it Tuesday with her girlfriend Tracey’s help. Boy what a suprise! I thought it was an online order from!!!!!!!! Here’s Dana to tell the rest….

strap on 67He opened the box in the kitchen and pulled down my pants. He got a huge hard-on right away as he put the straps on over my hips. GOD, the kitchen door was open and I was so excited, we didn’t even care! He knelt down and sucked my new yummy cock and made it so wet. We compared sizes and they were so much alike. Mmmmmmmmmmmm I was so fucking turned on and wet. I told him to turn around and bend over the sink. He did! As I teased his ass, he wanted it so bad pre-cum came out and he used his finger to share it with both of us. He said; Ohhhhhh No! Oh Shit!… The doors are open! A friend is comming over to see us soon and might find us this way! We quickly un-strapped the “SATISFIER” and packed it away for later. We were very nervous, but also satisfied that we would have a great time with each other that would take place soon……….Mmmmmmmmm


So Saturday night turned out to be the moment of truth. I took him into the bathroom and lit some candles. It’s very sensual and relaxing. As we passionatly kissed and caressed each other, He slowly strapped the “SATISFIER” around my hips and I began to massage his ass with my fingers and wet tounge. As he started to loosen up, I slowly began to insert my cock into his wet hole. He told me “Please, more, more….” I thrust my cock into him. His asshole tighted up and then loosened as he screamed with desire and erotic pleasure! I thrusted him slowly at first and then used my fingers to open his butt cheeks wide. As this happened, he moaned and then screamed “FUCK ME FASTER“. Oh My God! He is so sexy! He told me he is comming. And he did a small squirt from his cock. I saw nothing and pounded his ass, hard as I could. Then all of a sudden, he became to sound like farting and squirted creamy wet cum out of his ass like my own pussy. He thrusted back into me and collapsed on the floor. Juice flowed out of his ass like water. This was so fucking hot to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After a while he turned around and sucked my cock clean. He then pulled off the straps and turned the whole thing around for my own pleasure. The double dildo was in my pussy and ass at the same time. He thrusted both in and out untill I squirted my own cum onto his face and into his mouth. He kept this up until I came a second time and hit my own chin. A total of 4 times in less than 5 minutes!!!!! My pussy exploded like never before! Next time, we want to film it for all to watch.  xxxxoooooo……..Dana


P.S. Dana is the most incredible woman that I’ve ever met and I wish you all the same wonderful fortune!….John Please look into female ejaculation! It is possible for ALL women. Love, Dana and John.