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One teaching model is the ancient sexological wanking. It is a powerful alternative to traditional masturbation. It acknowledges and celebrates the cock as a vehicle to raise ‘life-force energy’ – to access our very own life force. It is designed to … Continue reading

knockin’ boots


LEt’s say you’re masturbating or you’re with someone and you’re knockin’ boots, work you’re cock liek you normally would. Get it hard. Just as you’re about to come to orgasm, press your fingers in that little area between your scrotum and you’re anus. Now you have to press HARD. The area I’m talking about is this fleshy muscly part under the scrotum. It’s actually right before the anus. What this does is block the seminal bladder so you get this build up of spunk your body wants to ejacualte. This swells up against the prostate and it feels fucking amazing. the orgasm starts as normal but keeps building and building and building. Make sure you push up into the pelvis, not forward that feels weird. Try it next time you’re in the shower. Let me know if it works for you! M(Canada)

daddy bear wanking artwork

Army Cock

Until this night i thought i was straight, I was in the army in Belfast. And because we were posted there on a 2 year tour we were allowed to visit safe pubs and clubs, I can’t remember the name of the team but they had a big bar and social area. And most importantly 2 mens toilets, I needed to go and as i got up i saw a lot of men go to one of the toilets so i went to the other one. As i opened the door i heard some movement i went around the cubicle and saw 3 urinals, The outside 2 were being used by 2 big beefy guys so i went in the middle got my cock out and started to piss. When i had finished i looked down to give it a quick shake and noticed out the corner of my eye that the one on my right had a hard on, He was slowly wanking himself and i could see his big purple head disappearing and reappearing from his foreskin. He saw me looking and turned to face me and my cock went rigid, I heard a click behind me and the other guy came up and whispered isn’t that nice. Go on he said touch it so i reached out and felt another mans cock for the first time, It was so hard and hot i started to wank him watching his foreskin cover his purple head while the other guy put his hands up my t-shirt and played with my nipples while pushing his crutch into my ass. He then said take off your jeans i want to fuck you and i did which looking back on it surprised me, But all i was interested in was this cock in front of me. I knelt down to get a closer look and smelt an uncut cock for the first time, I kissed it then licked his head and then started to suck my very first cock. I was so sexually excited that i did not care what would happen even the pain of a man entering me for the first time, After a few seconds the pain went and all i could feel was this cock fucking me and a bigger cock being rammed down my throat. By now the man i was sucking was leaning on the wall while with every thrust from behind it was going deeper into my throat, The guy fucking me went faster and faster untill he moaned and came giving me my first fill of cum. He left his cock in me while i kept sucking untill he too came and i had my first taste of cum. When he shot his load down my throat i thought i was in heaven it tasted so nice. Not a word was said as we got dressed and left the toilets. Later on that night Steve the guy i sucked came over and took me outside and fucked me in the missionary position in the middle of the rugby pitch and i had my first orgasm with a man. I now love to take on the female role when making love to a man, And they always get a nice long blowjob from me, It makes them come back for more. bi/ john



senior bear

senior bear

I have to do this everyday: I am senior bear and if you had told me when I was a kid, that I would one day March in a Gay Pride parade, I wouldn’t have been able to get my mind around it. Brought up in the twisted world of Fifties wacko Irish-American Catholicism, I thought I shouldn’t be gay but was wracked with the intense charge of my deepest desires. I was very smart and read all the books that proved that gay love was, if not a sin, a disease to be cured. I wasted the next twenty years of my life in a vane attempt to become who I wasn’t and pouring large amounts of alcohol down my throat to kill the pain. My penis was a lot smarter than my head and right from the get go I was telling me the truth about myself. My first wet dream: I am standing by the stairs that lead to the door of the Basement Chapel of St.Mary’s.


My brother’s friend Leo walks up to me; he is naked. I am naked. Our hard penises kiss and I wake up to find my pajamas sticky with sperm. Forty five years ago and it still makes me hard! I dated girls. They were nice girls. I ran on the fantasy that if I got laid it would prove I was straight and I would be all right. I later found out that for me sex with a woman was a trick I could pull off and so what. The sad truth is that, in my case, whether I was dating in my young manhood or fucking a couple of women or using some poor soul as an unwilling  beard, I was using these people to fix me. Not a good way to treat anyone. I have a friend from hight school days. In college we used to double date. He asked me one Saturday night why I was always so depressed when we were going out. I couldn’t tell him  that  when I was sitting behind him as we drove off with the girls I wanted more than I can describe even now  to lean forward and cover the muscular white ivory of his neck bites and nibbling kisses. One of the worst nights of my life was spent in the same bed with him inches from me and unable  to be touched. And in the midst of all this I was cruising the bushes and the block ,where men fished for sex, for hours and days on end. Occasionally I got lucky but never happy. When I finally fucked a woman I added two and two and,as usual,came up with twenty-two! Since I was now cured of being queer I would enter the seminary, live with men,  and wear a long black dress. But my prick was still smarter than I was and had a plan of its own. At the end of summer recess I decided to “go for a walk” in the woods near my mothers new house.


There were often trucks and cars parked along the road. Eventually I spied a neighbor hood beauty I’ll name Paul. He was lying sunning himself wearing as near to nothing as I had ever seen. Perhaps twenty, long spare body, black hair,a face as Irishly handsome as his other brothers. He new I was cruising him. He wanted to be cruised. Was he getting hard? I was. My shyness made me slow to come near. (I later learned how important this is in building explosive sexual tension] In my memory the details become blurred in what I know was a storm of hungry mouths, groping hands, naked flesh: years of longing tearing the sky apart. We were both too trapped in the Big Closet America was then to capitalize on what the God Eros had pulled us into, but I look back an say what a start, There follows many years of therapies, jobs, lots of sex, lots of Bourbon, all enhanced by a talent for self pity. I often say living those years was like riding a bicycle with no chain gears. Then a great blessing: Stonewall and I began trying to come out. Next I was forced to put down the booze. That first summer sober I was in a daze most of the time but, Eros be praised, that Summer they were relaying all the water and sewer pipes in the town where I was living. The work was being done by a Syrian owned company. Most of the workers were Arab, Italian or Spanish. I was defenseless against the strength and beauty unselfconscious erotic power of what I saw. I would go down town for lunch, see  a few more of these glorified bodies, something would light up inside of me inside of me and I had to accept that my deep love of the male was my gift from that erotic God. A few more brain cells would come back on line. That the spermy kiss of Leo’s penis was a blessed gift from god Andy M