#52 Herr E Smyth?

Herr E Symth was voted the 52nd most sexiest man in the world on the website CUMM UK hirsute [hur-soot, hur-soot] – Brotherhood of Pleasure Head Tattoo the Art of Porn with François Sagat

Arian Levanael The World’s Sexiest Men No. 100

WOW 😮🤭😲😱 What a Gorgeous ~ Beautiful Man 😍☺Love ❤ him and his tattoos 😊💖 He is a walking art Gallery 😘 Have any full frontal of his Magnificent Body? Saved his photo and he makes my day Everyday 🤗💜Thanks!! Amara 💝 His name is dick here


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Head Tattoo the Art of Porn with François Sagat

François Sagat is a former French male pornographic actor, model and director is now giving Master Classes in the art of porn at the New York Museum of Design and Art. He had appeared in gay pornographic movies and mainstream media. He is best known for dick here