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One teaching model is the ancient sexological wanking. It is a powerful alternative to traditional masturbation. It acknowledges and celebrates the cock as a vehicle to raise ‘life-force energy’ – to access our very own life force. It is designed to … Continue reading

dear sun


I SWEAR MY DEAR SuN no one in the entire world is as precious as you are. …look at that mirror take a good look at yourself who else is there above and beyond you now give yourself a kiss and with sweet whispers fill your ears to the brim watch for all that beauty reflecting from you and sing a love song to your existence you can never overdo praising your own soul you can never over-pamper your heart you are both the father and the son the sugar and the sugar cane who else but you please tell me who else can ever take your place now give yourself a smile what is the worth of a diamond if it doesn’t smile how can i ever put a price on the diamond that you are you are the entire treasure of the house   you and your shadow are forever present in this world you’re that glorious bird of paradise.  Rumi /Coxrugby-lads-erext-65

knockin’ boots


LEt’s say you’re masturbating or you’re with someone and you’re knockin’ boots, work you’re cock liek you normally would. Get it hard. Just as you’re about to come to orgasm, press your fingers in that little area between your scrotum and you’re anus. Now you have to press HARD. The area I’m talking about is this fleshy muscly part under the scrotum. It’s actually right before the anus. What this does is block the seminal bladder so you get this build up of spunk your body wants to ejacualte. This swells up against the prostate and it feels fucking amazing. the orgasm starts as normal but keeps building and building and building. Make sure you push up into the pelvis, not forward that feels weird. Try it next time you’re in the shower. Let me know if it works for you! M(Canada)

daddy bear wanking artwork



I have been sufing your site for a while and it speaks loads to me. Your whole approach to sex, body, spirit and most of all, as a man who seems complete ,is refreshing. I had a lover once who showed me the ropes into tantric sex. The first time I came with him, I cried. That is one of the best memories I have. The complete surrender unto someone else. The intimacy. The feeling that there is no world apart from the hand on the lower stomach. I would like to continue along the path I was shown by someone special, maybe even to validate his memory cum4me



3 times a day

mature daddy cock

If I had my way I would like to have sex at least 3 times a day. I am 41 years old. My wife is the same age but she only wants to do it every 2 weeks. So never has wanted to experiment in bed. We just do it “normal” style. She wont give head or want to be on top Paul


Seb Cox Replies: Paul, if there are other issues in your relationship you might try going to a marriage counsellor. However if your relationship with your wife is happy in every other regard I would say just leave her be. Some women are not really interested in sex, and there is really very little anyone can do to change that. You would, therefore, need to get your sexual needs meet outside your main relationship. How you do that is entirely up to yourself. Planning is very important. You need to be clear in your own head exactly what sex you want to have. Make a list of rules for yourself. And then Paul, all you have to do is, do it. It might be something that you would only ever need to do once, or it might be something you need to do everyday for the rest of your happy life. But either way, you need to do it, you know what I mean. Do not feel guilty and ever time you have a really good fuck, buy your wife a sex toy. It really doesn’t matter whether she uses them or not. I wish you lots of love, lust and luck on your sacred journey.


P. S. i THINK YOU HAVE A VERY BEAUTIFUL cock, I would love to give it a tantric massage

mature spunk