Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

8 inches ?


My size is average, but I compensate it with some girth. Since I can’t change that (and if I could, is it really worth it?), I learned to accept it and make the best out of it. What happened? Very recently, an experienced bottom with poor observation skills asked me, after I fucked him, if my dick was 8″. It wasn’t, of course, but I made it feel like that … and it made me feel good. I was never disappointed with a small dick, and I know nobody who was. I feel disappointed with a flaccid cock, that refuses to get hard no matter how much you fluff it. You’re young and you should enjoy healthy hard-ons. If so, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy some mind-blowing sex. One more thing: “size queens” can be the shallowest people on earth. Do you really seek their company? It looks to me like they’re competing for some kind of record, or a badge to show off. You should know that you’re NOBODY’S trophy. Always remember that and you’ll avoid a helluva heartache jarx, NYY


NOBODY’S trophy

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Size is in the eye of the beholder, and as long as yours works, you have no need to not be proud of it. Each phallus is unique. Not one is identical to another. Know yours in detail, appreciate it, understand what it can do for you, and love it. It is yours. You can keep it to yourself or share it. Explore it, discover what it can do for you as it can provide you with more pleasure than anything else. Know your own phallus and what it can do for you, and you will envy no other. You can appreciate others for what the phallus does for you flaccid or tumescent — regardless of their length or whether cut or not. Never be judgmental about yours nor another’s. Paul