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1. Activation of Energy Centers Your body contains seven special energy centers, usually called “chakras” in tantric literature. Start your session with a gentle massage of each zone. Start at your perineum. Then move along to the base of your … Continue reading

sexological dream

rugby-chavMy sexological dream has brought two things to my life that I never thought was possible, happiness and sex which I find sacred, hugely rewarding, and deeply fulfilling on a spiritual level. Although I have to say I was a little pissed off when I first read about sexological bodywork. The idea that genitals were to be worshipped, and that sex was magickal and divine was something that I thought I was the first in the world to discover. I kind of thought it was my secret. The fact that people had discovered this philosophy thousands of miles away in America  several years earlier, well, put me into perspective. Eventually I consoled myself with the knowledge that I was continuing a celebration that was thousands of miles away, and I have since used that as the foundation of my own beliefs. I Sexological Shishna as a guiding direction, an inspirational source of infinite arousal. It’s was very much of that moment, that realisation that I was not alone in my sacred dream. Sexological Shishna always reminds me that it’s all about my intention to excel, at making my dream.


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One teaching model is the ancient sexological wanking. It is a powerful alternative to traditional masturbation. It acknowledges and celebrates the cock as a vehicle to raise ‘life-force energy’ – to access our very own life force. It is designed to … Continue reading



Sexological masturbation is based on the belief that when you are sexually aroused you have a special energy, a special power. Sexological masturbation is the art of using your sexual “ENERGY”, your psychic power to open unlimited possibilities.

rugby-lad-wankingSexological masturbation is using your sexuality to help you to get what you want. It is often confused as some sort of ‘sleazy’ sex , but it is in fact a sexual process that raises the energies of a person, couple or group to perform a ritual. It is a celebration of sex itself, where nobody is excluded as everyone’s energy has a contradiction to make. It’s a consensus of your sexuality, body mind and soul, as that combination becomes your 7th sense. Aleister Crowley, defined magick as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” The object of all magic, according to Crowley, is “the uniting of opposites.” Stated another way, “the Great Work is the raising of the whole man in perfect balance to the power of Infinity. Plan your ritual in advance. Write it down and study it. Make lots of changes and additions. This has to be your ritual. Remember the importance of opposites. You will need to repeat the following chant; if it’s to bi it’s up to me, continuously throughout your ritual.mature black daddy

Prepare something to eat, drink and smell during the ritual. Clean the space where the ritual will take place. Decorate it with candles, incense, flowers, gemstones and especially symbolic items that are relevant to your ritual. If your objective is for example to get promotion at work or to be successful at a job interview include symbols that represent that. You could use a copy of the application form soaked in tybra aromas to cover your body at different stages throughout the ritual. Music is very important. While bathing or showering close your eyes and visualize the water washing off all mental, emotional and physical dirt. Once again the importance of scent should be noted.

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This is a very important part of the ritual. Lie down and make your self comfortable. Breathe big deep breaths in through your nose, bring the breath like energy deep into your body, hold it in for awhile, and slowly exhale. Touch with the very tips of your fingers very very slowly. If you do magick with a partner sit opposite each other, hold hands and synchronize breathing or inhale while your partner exhales. Again remember the importance of opposites. It is very important to visualize a strong circle or globe of protection around yourself. At any time during the ritual that you cumm close to cumming relax begin the breathing exercise again and visualize that circle.


Remember the more energy you can build up the more likely you are to achieve what your using your 7th. Sense for. Arouse yourself and/or your partner by any sexual activities you wish to use, I cannot stress enough the importance of opposites, until you almost reach orgasm. Now it’s time to stop, and shout or sing your chant (mantra) that you prepared earlier to the music you’re playing, be as loud as you possibly can. Now it’s time for further arousal again till the point where you are close to orgasm. You need to perform this part of the ritual at least seven times. Breathe deeply and concentrate even more on your chant (mantra). This will help you to build up a great amount of sexual magical energy and deep erotic sensations; when I am practising this myself I find myself dancing in some kind of sexual trance where my whole body and spirit throb as my beautiful cock does.

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As you finally achieve orgasm it’s very important that you ROAR your chant (mantra) as loudly and as quickly as possible, as you frantically rub your cumm juices all over yourself and or your partner(s). Rub some of these love juices into a small piece of cloth and seal it in a small plastic bag, which you can place in your freezer latter. This can then be used as a symbol in another sex ritual. Now it’s time to change the CD and play your favourite dance music and dance yourself dizzy into a kind of trance tocelebrate your ritual. You can chant your mantra along to the music, if it’s to bi it’s up to me, if it’s to bi it’s up to me, if it’s to bi/ it’s up to me, if it’s to bi it’s up to me…

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twit 4 twat

“Every man and woman is a star” – Aleister Crowley
ejaculate-34Every man should at least once in his life experience the magick of a womans orgasming while watching her husband getting fucked. To prepare both the woman and the gay man should bathe together. It helps if the woman has a beautiful shaved pussy. Simple touching is a good starting point. As you both feel relaxed you can begin to explore. The gay man should do what he does best before the ritual i.e. lighting scented candles, playing soft music and keeping the room beautifully tidy and warm. Make sure that there is little to no possibility of interruption, especially from the woman’s husband. Before beginning the massage, the gay man should prepare himself, gel his hair, put on Calvin Klein underwear and perfume. No, he does not need to take a douche. Gaze into the woman’s eyes, and relax. The woman should refrain from giggling and feel herself becoming Sexological moist. This is a type of Tantric foreplay in which the couple forms an emotional and spiritual bond. When both parties are ready for the massage, the woman lies on her back with one pillow under her head and another under her hips to elevate her pelvis. She bends her knees and opens her legs to expose her beautiful pussy, or Yoni. The gay man should sit comfortably between the woman’s legs with his legs crossed. Prior to any physical contact, both partners perform simple (Tantric) breathing exercises. Big breaths in, hold them in, pleasure the clit, and big breathe out. The gay man should bring his face directly in front of the woman’s moistening pussy and breath directly on to it, without actually kissing it. He should continue with this part of the ritual for about 10 minutes. Eventually he should become aware of the woman breathing in unison with his “pussy worship breathing. This unison should be maintained throughout the entire experience. The Sexological massage begins with other parts of the woman’s body to encourage her to relax. The gay man gently but firmly massages her legs, thighs, stomach and arms before venturing toward the breasts. Use the same breathing exercise that you used for the pussy worship to adore the woman’s breasts. pussy-boi

The gay man should gently put the nipples in his mouth and caress them. After about 10 – 15 minutes gradually breathe again all the way down, all the way down to that moistening kunta. Next, the gay man applies spoons of organic honey on the outer mounds of the woman’s genitals. This can be a picked up at Waitrose by the gay manwhile on his weekly cruise. The honey should be very generously and sensuously poured over the Pussy and cover the entire mound. Now it’s very important for the gay man to take things very slowly. Both partners should keep as much eye to eye contact as possible and continue to breathe in unison. During the massage, the woman should massage the honey into her breasts for further stimulation. If at any time during the massage the woman has an orgasm, you may need to begin the Sexological massage ritual again. It is the woman’s choice. Many women find that continuing with the massage produces several orgasms, each with increasing intensity. In Tantra, this is called “riding the wave.” If the woman wishes to avoid orgasm, breathing deeply and relaxing as much as possible can help to at least postpone climax. With the right hand the gay man massages the outer lips of the woman’s genitals, commonly known as the mound. With his thumb and index finger, the gay man gently squeezes each lip of the Yoni, sliding his fingers up and down the entire length of each lip. Then, he carefully repeats this process with each inner lip of the pussy. He varies the pressure and speed of his touch according to his woman’s preferences. He then gently strokes the woman’s clitoris in a circular motion, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Next, he squeezes the clitoris between his thumb and index finger. Then, the gay man inserts his middle finger into the Yoni. Much time is spent inside the vagina exploring and massaging. Varying the speed and depth of his finger, the gay man feels inside the Yoni up, down and around. With his finger and palm pointing upward inside his woman’s vagina, the gay man bends his finger to make contact with the woman’s G-spot, known as the “sacred spot” in Tantra. The gay man can also insert his ring finger into the vagina. Some women enjoy the increased pressure of two fingers. Other options during this step include the gay man stimulating the woman’s clitoris with his thumb and gently inserting his little finger into her anus while his middle finger (and possibly ring finger) remains inside her pussy. The massage continues until the woman decides it is time to stop. Other sexual activity may follow. especially if the woman’s partner turns up. Don’t worry tell him you are gay? You may have to prove it bi/ fucking him. What would a gay man know about pussy massage, you would be very very surprized. OMFG, he is so much fucking tighter than his wife. It’s always really great fun. You don’t even have to change the condom, out of her pussy and into his CUNT, twit 4 twat. Harry  Shishna

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