can’t ejaculate


hello seb cox, i’m a 23 year old guy who’s having problem with my sexual life. i have a boyfriend and i enjoy having sex with him and he loves what i do to him, but i can’t reach my point of no return (ejaculate) not even masturbating, been penetrated or penetrate my boyfriend and i know that he feels bad because i don’t reach my climax. He tries to help me and saying to me that i have to focus and consentrated but i can’t. please if you can help me in anyway or tell me what could be the problem write me the information or if i need a sexologist or something like that tell me please please please….thanks for the time reading this boring letter, sincerely and cordialy juan in Londonspunked face

seb cox replies : Juan. Let me begin by saying you are a star, this is not in any way a boring letter. It’s fascinating  If you have never ejaculated this could be caused by either an emotional issue, or a physical one. Physical reasons could include because your tired or maybe due to the effects of alcohol or some medication you may be taking. On the other hand an emotional issue could be something as simple as anxiety about ejaculation. Either way i suggest you go along to your G.P. and explain to him your situation  Ask him to refer you to an urologist. The urologist should be able to discover the cause of your problem, and reassure you about possible solutions. While waiting for your appointment continue to have sex with your boyfriend. But do not put any pressure on yourself to ejaculate. Don’t focus or try to concentrate just have the wildest sex you have ever had. Really go for it.




I have been sufing your site for a while and it speaks loads to me. Your whole approach to sex, body, spirit and most of all, as a man who seems complete ,is refreshing. I had a lover once who showed me the ropes into tantric sex. The first time I came with him, I cried. That is one of the best memories I have. The complete surrender unto someone else. The intimacy. The feeling that there is no world apart from the hand on the lower stomach. I would like to continue along the path I was shown by someone special, maybe even to validate his memory cum4me



If i was inside you


I could form a garden from the wind

Make it stay for your enjoyment
Then turn it back again
If I were inside you

If I were inside you
I would not move
It seems so slow
But you would move
I know

Heaven and Earth

You would be the gate
And they would be the same

Flaming letters would write your name
Upon every living thing

If I were inside you

If I were inside you
I would expand
Till you could not contain

Thunder would break the sky
And lightening would flash

There would be rain

If I were inside you


If I were inside you
The door of everything
Would open
And we would rock upon the water
Till the sea gave up the dead

The fire in my heart
Would be the sunlight in my head

If I were inside you

If I were inside you
Every pore upon your skin
Would open into rainbows
That would tremble and dissolve

Over and over again

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If I were inside you

If I were inside you
Because you let me in
I would fold my tent forever

Hell would curl up at your feet
And go to sleep

And I would never leave again

If I were inside you


(Patrick Willis)

prolonged multiorgasms

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