I lie on the floor and rub my left hand across the pulsing opening between my legs. Then I roll up onto my shoulders and arch my back over and lick the end of my cock. When I’ve extracted the final pleasure from my groin, I slowly swallow the load in my mouth. At the end of the evening the invited guests each make a tantric donation, suggested  of at least $100 each. Thank you Mr Cox for promoting me in your celebrity cocks. Army Officer

Confessions – The Art of Autofellatio

im a str8 bloke who has been self sucking for over 20 years. It’s my party piece. I can hardly go out for a drink with someone of my mates telling everyone present about my talent. Both men and women are really curious. I have been approached with all types of offers and requests. I used to think that the best way to practice my art was when I had a slightly stale taste of pussy still on my dick, that taste would make me suck really deeply. But, I have since realised that the best way to suck it, dick here

a few loads into my open mouth

i should lie back on the floor and bring my legs over my head and hook my feet on a shelf or the bed behind me so that my fattening cock is inches away from my face. i then take a while to slowly stretch my muscles out so my dick can reach my mouth. i then place my cock head into my mouth and jack off like there’s no tomorrow. sometimes i cum in my mouth other times on my face. be careful tho. my back is usually sore the next day and one time i hurt my back dick here

100% straight

Lucky Bastards – Men who Self Suck Fortunately, in order to self-suck, it is not necessary to have a huge penis. It will take time and practice to get your penis and mouth to touch. If you are not very flexible start by bending over and touching your toes while at the same time fluttering your arse to start to relieve pelvic congestion. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t get your mouth on your cock the first time you try autofellatio. It can take lots of practice and you will become more flexible. Each time you practice autofellatio try and dick here

straight men who secretly suck cock

deepthroating myself

deep throating and sucking my own cock and shooting a huge load of my own spunk in my mouth. This is a master class for cocksuckers, as it clearly shows how a man would suck his own cock, if he could. Blessed Bi/curiusity is the new sexuality guy self deepthroats his own cock and straight men who secretly suck cock, please leave a reply below.

I can self suck!

I can self suck! BONSAI I pity those who can not Flames now arise From forest or fen Brighter than eyes Beyond mortal ken. Father of heat For anvil and pyre; Mother of Light, O infinite fire. (From the book “The Mirror of Merlin” by T A Barron)