god’s greatest medication and meditation…

Dear Mr Cox, Two years ago i discovered casual sex. Since then i just can’t get enough. Am i out of control. Am i suffering from some sort of sexual addiction. Eddie, Bolton, Uk


Mr Cox Replies : I don’t really bi into this hole idea of sexual addiction. I think, as good men we are designed for sex, that’s how we were created, it’s the fucking essence of us. Casual sex is god’s greatest gift, god’s greatest medication and meditation. For me it’s an intention to be “fucking excellent”. To be honest, i will never bi average, and i have absolutely no interest in having, or doing, what everyone else has, had or done. I am looking for and creating something that is unique as the journey is more important that the fucking destination. HaPenis Days!

Catholic Priests Masturbation Support Group

A contributor to a discussion group for masturbating catholic priests wrote the following that seems to show beautifully how masturbation can be turned into a truly spiritual Catholic experience. As a catholic priest for years, integrating my spirituality and my sexuality has definitely been a process. Just turning down the volume on the shame voices from growing … Read moreCatholic Priests Masturbation Support Group

men of antiquity

Socrates, Caesar, Alexander, Martial, Catullus, Virgil, Achilles; Napoleon, Frederick the Great, Goethe, Shakespeare, Bacon, an unbroken line of English monarchs; Mohammed, Benvenuto Cellini, Wilde, Symonds, Emerson, Pater, Fitz-Gerald, Leighton, Whitman, Michael Angelo, Leonardo, and a host of others. All Men who liked to get fucked.

An incarnation of God

He must be an incarnation of God Himself. Though He is present in everyone, His presence is more pronounced in this mature Godfather and hence, He has a worshiper in me and thousands of us. He is the deity whose picture must be adored with incense sticks and prayers everyday. Whoever gets a chance to witness this miraculous beauty of God for real will attain moksha indeed, for there is nothing left to be desired anymore. Hindu Brahmin Slut

Moksha (Sanskrit: मोक्ष, mokṣa), also called vimoksha, vimukti and mukti, is a term in Hinduism and Hindu philosophy which refers to various forms of emancipation, liberation, and release. In its soteriological and eschatological senses, it refers to freedom from saṃsāra, the cycle of death and rebirth. In its epistemological and psychological senses, moksha refers to freedom from ignorance: self-realization and self-knowledge. The concept of moksha is found in Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism.

मोक्ष mokṣa


gay chicken

A game played with straight people to see who has more balls, metaphorically. the game is played in several ways. The most simple, and weakest, is the kiss. One ‘player’ moves in for a sensual kiss until one of the ‘players’ backs off. I’ve seen this lead to tongues but someone will always pull away. Another way gay chicken is played is by groping the other ‘players’ genitals or breasts or anything you can get your hands on. The most common form of the game is gay pillow talk in which each interaction escalates until someone laughs or just can’t respond. Lastly, ‘players’ can initiate dry humping sessions. Hardcore ‘players’ will use a combination of three tactics to win the game. Some have been known to even use all four tactics at once. This plan of attack is very tricky.(from Urban Dictionary)

Do bromances mean the end of heterosexuality ?

 The rise of the ‘bromances’ mean the end of heterosexuality, academics have warned, after discovering that many men find their close male friendships more emotionally satisfying than relationships with women. Intense male friendships have grown more acceptable in recent decades as attitudes towards homosexuality changed, meaning men no longer fear showing affection towards each other. … Read moreDo bromances mean the end of heterosexuality ?

Bless Me Father!

A Pop Star From Norway has made The Catholic Church Angry. Norwegian Tooji new music video depicts sex with a Catholic Father. The video has angered the church prompting the Bishop of Oslo to release a statement against the pop star’s video. “No matter what the video’s message might be or who the artist might … Read moreBless Me Father!

Catholic Wanking

Growing up as a young man in a lower working-class Roman Catholic Irish family in the 1960’s despite being constantly reminded that touching myself down there was a a “GRAVE MORAL DISORDER”, I began my journey of hand to penis relationship.

I can very clearly remember even when having a piss, I would smile to myself and give “MY MICKEY” a little massage, and enjoy every second of what has become a lifetime ritual. I was absolutely fascinated by touching my cock. Sometimes just to dream, other times to pound it as quickly as I could to allow myself to cumm. I didn’t always have to be erect I just found a great comfort, a permission to dream, a desire to fantasise, a feeling of joy and holiness, in simply holding my cock. It was a bit like being in a completely different world, where I could just be by myself and enjoy myself. As I got older and noticed that my cock was getting bigger, I felt a great sense of being a man, of being masculine. Fuck all those taboos that have been inflicted upon us, about touching ourselves, playing with ourselves or simply pleasuring our bodies. Give your self permission to love your cock, then when you walk in the street you will glow with a very different energy. Walk down any high street tomorrow.

Study men, you can tell who is and who is not in love with their cocks. They have a certain presence about them and in the way they radiate.

sucked his beautiful uncut cock

I had a great experience at the old bus depot in Des Moines, Iowa, that i will never forget. I was standing at the urinal pretending to piss, when another guy stood by me pissing and playing with his cock. I watched him for a while as he pissed and got so horney for cock that … Read moresucked his beautiful uncut cock

catholic priesthood in the late sixties

When I was studying for the catholic priesthood in the U.S.back in the late sixties, I used to get really shocked when I’d have to take catholic priests up to their private rooms. I’d find them usually on a Saturday morning or a Sunday drunk and passed out, with cum smeared all over their black catholic priestly vests, or on their black pants. Usually they were so drunk that they had no time to put thier “unemployed” cock back into their undies, and worst of all, didn’t have the nerve to zip up their troussers. It was outrageous and disgusting for me who wanted very badly to become a catholic priest like my teachers in the near future. Oh, poor catholic priests with their sexual lives hidden from most of all the faithful eyes! They try so hard to hide their repressed sexuality from the believers, and their Pope, the one that was a Nazi, continues to deny to them sexual freedom, especially permission to get married like all Jesus’ apostles were. It is so weired! So, when I left the seminary, I said to myself that I’d try to live my sexual life, get married, but also preach the gospel, like Protestants and Messianics do. I left because I didn’t want to end up sexually frustrated, getting drunk on weekends, and jacking off with no shame at all! The congregation I used to belong to has gone from almost 10,000 members in the 60′s to less than half. What’s going on with those catholics! But guess what?

Once I entered into the Protestant congregations, I found that almost half of the pastors are living in adultery! What a shame! Where is the gospel for them! They are all a bunch of damned liars. So, once I was out I started to follow my instincts, and just wank myself out, when there was no “lady” around. When there were whores available I’d fuck them till there were no more “petite morts”. So, from age 28 on until I got married, I slept with all kinds of whores, or lovers, especially since I used to live in a beach resort. I fornicated till exhaustion! I jerked off till there was no more pre-cum, and cumming for me! This went on day and night during almost four years. Of course, I fucked French, Italian and U.S. women, and whores at least two times a week. I used to wank away almost three times a day, and I used to be half drunk most of the time! What a “fucking” life, let me tell you! But once I got married, I slowed down my debauchery life. My sexual life with my wife was really kinky, and now that I sit back and roll back my life, I can say that it was worth having left those “half-men” up there in the U.S. I feel sorry for them and also for their nuns, Such frustration! Although I know that most priests still wank away, get laid, have lovers, or have become gays. I’m getting old now, and my sexlife is reduced only to wanking away at least three times a week. I still have boners every day, and of course, your page surely helps me out to get it up, sir! Thank you! xantri

Sacred Sex

PAPA NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen