an ancient sexological question


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Mr Samson, who describes himself as a Muscle God and a Professional Mastubator answers the ancient sexological question, Is Masturbation Healthy?I think Mr Samson is one of the great sexological teachers of our times. What makes him nearly unique, is … Continue reading

Men in Stockings & Panties


The worst is when men try too hard, because it’s not very masculine. Your outfit has to look like ‘Oh, I just grabbed that.’ Not too calculated. The simpler the better. Eva Green

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Use words to describe the advice as an older man you would give to your younger self about masturbation. If the words you choose are not listed please add them.

Naked Masculine Muscled Jock

Naked – he lay, Masculine – he smelled, Muscled – he bulged. Dark hair – the signature of his manliness


I stood over his broad-back. The muscles clearly relaxed but outlined under his dark hair I warmed my hands with a hot towe,l Before applying it over his back from shoulders to hips. His naked buttocks – relaxed, but still rounding upward. I pressed both hands – fingers spread, widely either side of his spine. A breathy-groan of release exhaled his dark moustache-lined mouth. I inhaled the scent of this 44 year old man, repeatedly filling my lungs with masculinity. I evenly pushed into the meat of his ribs. Forcing many more groans of tension-release from that handsome mouth. Two agonizing minutes before the towel was to come off, but I relaxed him until the warmth of the fabric had diminished — then Releasing it, causing a rush of cool-air to cringe the glutes that I had glued the sight of my eyes on during the entire duration of pre-warming. But, now was the time I loved most of all…That fleeting moment before I applied oil to my hands and began to force my strong fingers against and into this meaty creature.
how 2 touch
Naked – he lay
Masculine – he smelled
Muscled – he bulged
Dark hair – the signature of his manliness
naked young gypsy big fat pulling a corey
I never made him wait too-long though before the true massage started. I knew my job… and I knew he knew it as well… as this was his third session with me.
Joe Cannon, AKA “Joe’s Bridge”. Guelph Ontario