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Tag: male sexual gratification

straight or gay

I distinguish between sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and platonic orientation because many straight guys, for example, have gay sex on the side.  They often say, "It's only sex."  To me,…

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‘not exclusively heterosexual’

According to A British Government Survey 50% of Young Brits 'not exclusively heterosexual Half of young Brits say they are 'not exclusively heterosexual' with a quarter of all UK adults saying…

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What Is A ‘Pornosexual?’

What Is A ‘Pornosexual?’ The New Sexual Orientation For Those Who Watch Porn, And Shun Real Sex. [video width="852" height="480" mp4="‘Pornosexual’-–-Cumm-4-DaddyTrim-2.mp4"][/video] According to Medical Daily, the new term describes a…

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