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bdsm, best dick spiritual massage Hello Mr Cox, There were only two events in my life where I had experienced these spiritual massage orgasms. The experience was so immense it is hard to describe into words. Most importantly is recognising … Continue reading

full body fusion orgasm


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Fusion Orgasm is reached by stimulating two or more erogenous zones which each create a different sensation, thereby intensifying the male orgasmic experience. You know just before you come that very intense feeling and you just want to wank furiously … Continue reading

lie back and think of Cymru


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I am in a heterosexual relationship but occasionally my partner and I have sex with a plumber, a friend for some 15 years and I also have sex with him and his partner. I am not aware of being attracted to men … Continue reading

kind of taboo

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Gay “lifestyle”? There’s a difference between an orientation and a lifestyle. I wonder what a hetero lifestyle is? 360navi on 06/04/2015


When I go to the nude beach people never talk about this kind of thing, it’s kind of taboo. You can’t go about with a hard on even if you see the best piece of ass you ever saw you must contain yourself. Here it seems kind of cool to drop your pants and let others discuss your genitals. Somehow it seems kind of healthy. Like when we were in HS privately comparing penises in PE. Hell everybody did that we just didn’t discuss it like you can on the web. Frankly I’ve been known to share a lady with another man under the right circumstances but I’m definitely not interested in sex with another man or any sort of gay lifestyle. I’m not condemning it but it just isn’t me. Stratocruser

sound of the daf


A message from the fairy

hidden in your heart;

with their letter

comes serenity to

the estranged heart.


The tree of wisdom comes to bloom
with this breeze;
The inner pores of existence
open to this tune.


When the spiritual cock crows,
the dawn arrives;

When Mars beats his drum
victory is ours.


The essence of the soul was fighting
the barrel of the body;


When it hears the sound of the daf
it matures and calms down.
A wondrous sweetness is
sensed in the body;

inked man art daddy dick

It is the sugar that the flute and
the flute-player bring
to the listener…