Tantric Mouth Congress


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Tantra has a great lesson for cock suckers. It’s called Tantric Mouth Congress. When, holding the man’s lingam with his hand, and placing it between his lips, he moves about his mouth, it is called the ‘nominal congress’. When, covering … Continue reading

hetero in my sexual orientation

I  have been happily married for many years now. I need some advice and am not sure who to talk to. Even though hetero in my sexual orientation, sometimes. I fantasise about having my cock sucked and also trying to suck an old mans huge cock. Is this normal?…How do you suggest I explore sucking an other man’s cock and at the same time, keep it under “wraps” from my wife? I am 52 and I might be too late in life to explore the joys of sucking cock….I also wonder what it would be like to be fucked in the ass too. My anus is sooo tight..I have tried using a dildo penetrating my anus but it hurts soo bad because I can’t seem to relax my hole enough in order for a cock to penetrate it. What should I do?..Thanks for your help! jim

Buddy I would love to Be Your Teacher I would really enjoy taking You through the Pleasures and Joy of Having Your Cock Sucked and Relaxing Your Sweet Hole until You can take My Cock and any others You’d like to Enjoy Please Contact Me at CTDD2617@aol.com lets Meet and Pleasure. CeeDee


hung, married, str8


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I am a married straight male, who has never been with a man, but lately all I can think about is cock and cum. My favorite fantasy: Its my birthday the wife and I are out of town and staying … Continue reading

sexuality is an enigma


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Your sexuality is an enigma. Tantra teaches it has two energy sources, male and female. Therefore everyone’s sexuality is bisexual. That’s how you came here, like a star without a name. How you choose to use your energy depends on … Continue reading

gift from Heaven

oldfatcockGreetings from Australia. At 68, I am a confessed “Dirty Old Man”! Since my youth I have been fascinated by the bulges in men’s pants. By the time I was 18 finally managed to see what was hidden in mature men’s pants, and have been a cock and ball lover ever since then and still only attracted to mature (45-75) men. While cocks are “A Glorious gift from Heaven”, those stupendous delicious gonads, are so much neglected. By the time I was 21, was totally free from any inhabition, and explored all forms of m/m (and the occasional m/f sex). That included the whole spectrum of “Sex“!  S & M, C/P W/S, FF, while in the S/M field especially fascinated by CBT, personally I would call it CB Pleasure! Lowhangers, are spectacular, to lick, suck and chew! Although mine were always to sensitive,it is a joy for me to see so called “Abused” balls. I corresponded for a while with George here in Sydney. To find your site was/is a delight, I have a friend that is very much into the A.C. rituals, but never really explained it fully to me, and what I know is through “Sensational Press” etc. My Army time, in The Netherlands, as I am Dutch born, “Cured” me of religion, but that is an other story. No matter that I was 100% celebate in that period, I came out a “Free Man”, and as I said,explored all facets of sexuality.Cheers! John B-T.


divine ecstasy

smoking bears

“I have merely refused to stop there. I have insisted that sexual excitement is merely, a degraded form of divine ecstasy. I have thus harnessed the wild horses of human passion to the chariot of the Spiritual Sun. I have given these horses wings that mankind may no longer travel painfully upon the earth, shaken by every irregularity of the surface, but course at large through the boundless ether. This is not merely a matter of actual ceremonies; I insist that in private life men should not admit their passions to be an end, indulging them and so degrading themselves to the level of the other animals, or suppressing them and creating neuroses. I insist that every thought, word and deed should be consciously devoted to the service of the Great Work. ‘Whatsoever ye do, whether ye eat or drink, do all to the glory of God.’ aleister Crowley

old naked bear really hung wanking his big one, sexy bearded


don’t die wondering


Your dilemma Jim is one that many guys face as their sexual feelings and mortal awareness surface in later life. Do not feel dirty or guilty about these desires as they are common in men. Perhaps you need to try man2man sex with an experienced facilitator and then asses your marital relationship and how you can protect those you love. Whatever you do, do not die wondering what it would have been like to suck and enjoy a horny cock or have some virile guy furiously fuck your body because he wants to. We have needs, we have sex and we love. Humans are odd spiritual creatures. Jamie


fishermen’s sons

naked man fishing 6

I used to live in South Lisbon, just across the bridge by the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, everybody knows Costa da Caparica and the gay beaches, specially the Number 19 one. It was the winter time, had been raining and the streets were empty. The very same moment I’d made up my mind to go to bed, I found myself going down the road towards “Duche”, the gay disco full of old fags and fishermen’s sons. There I sat at the darkest conner. Had 3 or 4 beers, so I could get quick drunk and go to bed to work the next day. That’s when this tall and slim guy came in. Our eyes met. He was pretty young, black and shining hair. He was coming with another guy. Asked if he could sit at my table, since all the others were full. Said Sure, go ahead! Then he asked if he could have some of my pistachio. His eyes were on me all the time. I had promised myself if he’d kept on staring at me I’d ask him to come to my place. The conversation with his friend went on stuff like neither of them had ever been in that place. Then his friend left and he asked me if I was alone there, said Yes. Then, out of the blue he said he wasn’t homossexual, I said Neither am I, and he asked me if I lived on my own, said Yes and we went to my flat. We were both pretty drunk and had a couple of joints on that. When I was kissing him he kept holding my hand and driving to his cock, I said I can do it myself don’t need you to push me. He couldn’t get a hard on, but his hands were the warmest hands I have ever touched. Can’t remember whether I came or not, I was 2 drunk, 2 stoned for it. The next morning didn’t go to work. He asked if could call his girlfriend to fetch him. Course he could. She came and rang the bell. We said goodbye, he left. I went to sleep. A couple of hours later the phone rang and it was him. He’d kept my number when he’d called his girlfriend. He asked if he could come in the evening. Said Yes. He came. Never, ever again I found any one who could kiss like he did, we spent hours stroking each other, kissing over and over again. His smell was penetrating me, he was all tenderness, but he couldn’t get a hard on, even when I sucked him and he came heavily, his cock kept down. I didn’t mind. We kept seeing each other often, specially at weekends. He always came. But his cock never got hard. And he would never hold or touch my cock. I was getting cross and asking myself what I was doing there. I was in good shape, I was doing Tae-Kuon-Do, had a regular good body and horny most of the time. One day got out of bed and said If you’re never gonna hold my cock, I’m through with it and you’ve got to go. He came, hold me from the back, took me bed and gave me a wank, I licked his ass and he moaned at that, said Joooorge and his cock got very hard as he asked me to lick him deeper. I did it. And his legs were as wide open as he could so that I could see his very brown asshole surrounded by hair, lots of hair. Started fingering him, he said he didn’t want it, but he wouldn’t close his legs or nothing. I spent an awful lot of spit, and gave him his first fuck. He cried, I cried when I came. I remained embrassed by his legs with our mouths together breathing his air, looking at his eyes, kissing his neck, his ears and he was and was in heaven.


No, I’ve never been in love with him, I even didn’t want him to see me so often. I couldn’t do anything when he was around, I couldn’t go to work, I wouldn’t eat, I wouldn’t even go out. He started using my clothes and I his. Hanging around in Lisbon with his perfume on me, I could feel his hands and the warmth of his skin. I was a silly fag, whose body belonged to another person. Paulo wanted to live with me, I didn’t. I couldn’t share my life. I was 38 then, he was 24, suburban, living with mother, father and sister, working for Volkswagen downtown Lisbon. I couldn’t. I broke…Some years later I got a call from Paris. It was him asking Do you remember our kisses. I said sort of blasé, yes. Inside myself I cried YES!!!! I REMEMBER, HOW COULD I HAVE POSSIBLY FORGOTTEN?

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sexy hot guys

mature silver floppy cock

My pussy literally gushes when I see an old man in his 60’s/70’s/80’s with slim to average build, nice smile, glasses, grey hair to balding, and gigantic cocks, especially ALL the old men drawn in charcoal on page 1 of the oldmen gallery. I would seriously fuck each & every one of them. BUT, my ultimate fantasy is to get knocked up by such an old man. I am half their age, barely 5’0″ tall, white, with big natural double DD titties. And I would like my old man to carry me around on his big fat thick cock while sucking/biting/playing with my titties (& hopefully milking them one day when he gets me pregnant). By the way, I would put a pussy plug in my cunt after each session to make sure none of his sperm leaks out, even when I’m out shopping & doing mundane everyday things. That is my ultimate fantasy, except I would add I also want to deepthroat his cock while talking dirty to him, give him a lap dance fully naked so he can do whatever he wants with my body, and fuck fuck fuck fuck!


p.s. videotaping ourselves having sex is also a turn on.  Note: ever since I found this site by chance I’m addicted. I seriously cannot get enough OLD MAN COCK. There’s not another site like this one (I’ve looked). I make sure to cum here each day to fantasize & get off. Just wish I could meet one of the old men in the pictures, in particular ALL the old men on page 1, and the 3 or 4 old men that I found meet my description of what I look for in an old man lover. Sweetiepie 


other guy’s sexuality


Like most guys that believe themselves 100% straight it is difficult to get your head around anything remotely gay without feeling confused or guilty. I almost exclusively have sex with women, but their is aspects of other guy’s (gay or straight) sexuality that excites and intrigues me. When I was 21 I went to live with my grandfather to complete my exams as my parents were posted abroad. It was a good arrangement. During that time Grandad sold his house and moved to a large flat. I helped with the packing. He is my dad’s father and a retired police sergeant, still amazingly fit and not looking his age. In his early 70s now, incredibly fit and not looking his age, he is sexually very active with several women friends. I had a riffle through some boxes that were to be put in skip, old magazines from 1960s & 70s etc. I found a large envelope of studio pin ups of glamour models (fannies airbrushed out) which were quite sexy. Then there was a dozen or more male nudes! About 12cm x 20cm black and white glossy studio prints from the settings and backdrop. I was suddenly and slightly shocked when I realized they were of Bill, my grandfather. Fully nude, flaccid cock and a cheeky grin on his face in some of them. Amazingly he had a blond curly Duck’s Tail 1950s hairstyle. The Teddyboy look of the day. They weren’t pornographic but I was impressed by the size of his slack dick. All I could think was maybe as a teenager circa 1956 he was a bit of a bad lad and had done it for money. It sort of amused me and bothered me at the same time. Both the gay and the taboo aspect (I mean perving over nude of your grandad as a teenager) but it made me look at Bill in a different light. This sounds a bit disgusting but last summer (details leading up to it lengthy) after a wedding reception one thing led to another and Bill, my uncle, Bob, my older brother Sy and me all had sex with a 50 year old slapper, one of the wedding guests, and I was amazed to see that Bill has a huge cock. I haven’t inherited that gene. He is fitter and better toned than guys 25 years younger, but his erect dick is 25cm or more – I am not exaggerating. I keep fantasizing about that sight and the gangbang in general. My girlfriend has an uncle in his late 50s who is very masculine and supposedly gay by all accounts. I keep finding myself flirting with him but when he responds I get moral panick. I really would like to have a good session with an older, masculine big guy about 25 – 35 years older. I suspect what is behind this is the discovery of my grandad Bill’s huge cock, and it worries me slightly. What do you think? *rocketboy18@rocketmail.com*