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I distinguish between sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and platonic orientation because many straight guys, for example, have gay sex on the side.  They often say, “It’s only sex.”  To me, they are heteroromantic straight in the romantic sense) and biSEXUAL … Continue reading

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When someone ask me if I am straight, gay or bisexual, I tell them I am neither of them. I consider myself unique and sexual and I no longer believe in sexual distinction to be partners in life.Traditional sex distinction handed … Continue reading

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It’s not about gay, straight or bi, it’s about male sexuality. I don’t have gay sex, I have guy sex. Only a guy can fully understand what another guy needs and feels. I enjoy giving that intense pleasure to other … Continue reading

Colby Jansen Pro Rugby Player


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Bisexual professional rugby player Colby Jansen was asked in a recent interview asked about the difference between sex with a man and a woman. I think the interviewer may have got a bit more detail than he was intending. Sex between … Continue reading

what you would call a homosexual


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one main reason why I do not love this site is because your assuming someone is gay or straight by what they tell you. If a man enjoys both men and women he is by nature a bisexual. Anyway you … Continue reading

the worlds your oyster


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I was returning home after a bust up with my girl, she wouldn’t  let me show how much I loved her, I had a strop and decided to fuck off home but I was fucking desperate to get my cock … Continue reading

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I am elated that I found this site! I am so incredibly in love with my boyfriend and we have incredible sex. It seems as though we naturally take sex to the next level with each other and sometimes we get a little “freaky” but we both love the pleasure that we get and give to each other that its natural. So I guess you would or could say – “freaky” is the norm in our sex lives. We just started exploring anal massage – I guess I started exploring and the moans of surprise and excitement gave me the green light to see how far I could go. OMG just telling you now is making me crazy – in the two years we’ve been together – I have never seen him cum so hard and so much. I massaged his ass with a lubed finger and was stroking his hard cock with the other hand. I told him how much I wanted him to watch him cum. I suck and licked his nipples and never missed a beat fingering his tight ass. When he came it was incredible and I was dripping wet! I can’t wait to do this again I love seeing him so satisfied. I’m so happy to see that we are not the only straight couple who likes it like that! ( I was beginning to think we were becoming sexual deviants or something! Kidding – My thought is if you both are into it – whatever it is – knock yourself out!) Thanks for all your stories! Loveinit