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Mr Cox; Your web site is amazing, one great topic leading to another. I could cum a dozen times before getting thru half of it. I get to the verge of cumming then back off and ‘turn the page’. I will be in London at the end of November. I know it is a long way off and is too early to book an exact time, but I could not help writing now. Frankly I do not know all I want. I have been vanilla for the most part, but crave something new and different. I want to be dominated, bound and restrained, obeying your commands, to tongue your body especially ass, crotch and pits. I enjoy natural body odours and rarely get to enjoy them as Americans, as a rule, are so terrified of offending each other with the slightest whiff of body odour. As far as I am concerned the ranker the better, but realise you can yourself and other clients to consider. Get to experience at least lying in a sling. Then ending the session with a cuddle and massage. I would rely on your talent and experience to fill in the gaps. Not interested in pain – well maybe a little bit here and there. Hope to hear from you and thanks for your time and wonderful web site, Jim


eat my own cum


Shortly after I started to jack off I started to eat my own cum. Sometimes I jacked with friends of mine and even though they teased me about it I still ate my cum, I enjoyed the taste that much. One time I was jacking with a friend of mine named Mike, I came first and licked my fingers off and he said, if you like the taste of cum so much why not eat my cum, I said ok, and was waiting for him to cum, but he said, might as well suck me so you get it fresh, not really sure why but I did and I know from the moment his dick past my lips I was a cock sucker. His cum was great and I sucked him, and a few other friends when ever they wanted me to, about three months after I sucked my first cock I sucked another friend, tom, and he said he wanted to return the favor. I never told anyone tom sucked my cock, and he liked me for that and would suck me about once a month. At 21 I got my first girlfriend and even though I liked to suck cock, I liked performing oral on my girlfriend to and didn’t suck cock as much, but still would if I got the chance.

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bucking like a bronco

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This past summer I was enjoying myself at a semi-private beach and was laying on the sand when an extremely handsome man came over and asked if he could join me on the blanket. Without thinking too much about it I invited him to lay down next to me. After several minutes of small talk, he rested his hand on my ass cheek and started to squeeze me. I instictively started to get a hard on and to twich my body up and down and around.


He continued and ran his hand to the top of my speedos and slipped his fingers down inside and ran them up and down the crack of my ass. By now I was fully hard and enjoying his ministerations no end. He got up on his knees and proceeded to pull my swim trunks down and off me and started to massage my anus with his fingers. He gently slipped one in and slid it in and out, then added a second, then a third. By now I was up on my knees and arms and bucking like a bronco…

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He continued to finger fuck my ass as I blew the biggest load of cum I have ever dumped…I had to stifle a scream as there were several others around watching us. He completed his fucking me, pulled put and stood up up and wandered away. He hadn’t gone more than twenty feet when a second guy took his place, but instead of using his fingers, he proceeded to stick about eight inches of very fat cock in my ass and fuck the living shit out of me. In the next half hour I was fucked by seven others and left there to lay in a pool of my own cum, hoping others would cum to fuck me some more. To this day, my ass is open to just about any guy that wants to use it, and I live for it. navid_N

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