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I believe that everybody you will ever meet will be able to teach you something. I’m an extensive traveller and will never stop wanting to explore the world. I have extremely flexible hips. I like my cock massaged by candlelight. … Continue reading

Massage the penis

Begin by gently massaging the testicles gently, causing them to relax. Massage the area above the penis, on the pubic bone and the area between the testicles and anus. Massage the shaft of the penis with varying speed and pressure. Gently squeeze the penis at the base with the right hand, pull up and slide off, then alternate with the left hand. Change the direction by starting the squeeze at the head of the penis and then sliding down and off. Again, alternate with right and left hands coming close to ejaculation, and then backing off. Massage the penis with the right hand and also massage the small indentation midway between the testicles and anus with the left hand while pushing inward gently.

my penis massaged


This gallery contains 7 photos.

I like my penis massaged: by a group, by a couple or individual, in public so others see my pleasure.  Slowly and teasing with lots of edging, ball massage too. Light strokes, alternating rhythm, just under the head. Slowly and around … Continue reading

backstrokes down the shaft

best cock massage

I was laying in bed with my g/friend. She was sexy and I was hard. She put baby oil on my cock,gently pulled back the forskin, and used the tips of her fingers and thumb to gently go up and down the shaft of my prick, her thumb caressing the ‘head’ and fingers gently and slowly moving upand downt he shaft. She then did just backstrokes down the shaft. I was getting so much pleasrue from it that I reached out with my hand and beagin to masturabte her as well. The pleasure that I received was so intense that it was almost painful, ( but it remained the right side of pleasure my orgasm whenit came was explosive ! Joe

drunken sailor

Manually Stimulated

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Chi Kung is an ancient Taoist art of body control Claiming to resist disease, retard aging, prolong virility, and for all I know give oneself X-ray vision. Practitioners begin their sessions with an hour-long warm-up to stimulate the senses through breathing routines and stretches. After the blood has been stimulated, the men retreat to a small room and dress down to nothing but a T-shirt and a blue cloth wrapped around their genitals, as nudity is strictly taboo.


After their penis has been manually stimulated, barbells are then hooked onto a coat-hanger-like apparatus, which is tied securely around the base with a scarf. Students then commence the workout, which consists of several swinging and lifting motions designed to really work the muscles. Beginners start out with two and-a-half pounds, and some have eventually progressed to lifting truly amazing weights. In 1995 a Hong Kong master named Mo Ka Wang, lifted over 250 lbs. two feet off the floor.

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