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Last night this great masseur stroked the little lips of my anus with warm oil and then gently entered me with a finger and stroked my prostate until I began to quake and scream. He then slipped something into my … Continue reading

stimulation of the rosebud


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All men can experience a sensational orgasm by stimulation of the rosebud. An erection is required, because stimulation of the rosebud combined with cock massage will simply take you to heaven, and back. Pull your pants down and shake you arse. Warm your cheeks … Continue reading

pending masturbation


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Don’t you just love a Saturday, a day off to just enjoy yourself? I lay in bed just thinking of the urgent wank and the pic’s I sent you, back in February but what I did find Erotic was the … Continue reading

An Advanced Guide Nexus Prostate Massager


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EXPECTED RESULTS from An Advanced Guide – Nexus Prostate Massager: more relaxed breathing, more relaxed ribs, longer neck, more erect  cock, a healthier prostate. A tantric sense of ejaculation and calmness. STARTING POSITION: lying on your back, knees up & together PREPARATION: When you … Continue reading

Fucking Lovely


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Hi – I have always been hugely impressed by your sites and philosophies and often wondered about seeking to visit. I do have kind of a problem and wonder whether you feel that you might be able to help. I am 47 and only … Continue reading

Finding My Prostate

Tantric Prostate Massage London

hi, i too have experienced a similar thing. i was lying on the bed with my partner and he lubed his finger up and inserted into my arse. he continued doing this for aprox 20 mins and i was loving every min of it.  after some time we think he found my prostate it was such a nice feeling that he worked his finger harder and harder, turning his finger around inside of me.  after about a further 10 mins i had a sort of orgasm,  it was a great feeling, not like a normal orgasm after wanking off but when i came my juice sort of oozed out of me.  we have tried to do the same thing again, i have even tried to do it myself.  if i am lying on my back and insert a finger in my ass which is the best way to find the prostate. hope you can help. thanks, mike

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Seb Cox Replies : Lie on your back and pull your legs towards your face. Pour lots of warm pure coconut oil over your balls dripping down to that area between your balls and your rosebud(anal lips). Place your hand flat over your balls and massage gently with your middle finger slowly working towards your rosebud. Slowly tease your manhole by massaging your anal lips 81 times in a circle to the right and then to the left. Gently slide your finger inside as if you were pointing back to yourself, vibrate the finger back and forward as if your were creating a circle. The little ridge you feel is your prostate. Use the palm of your hand to vibrate the area between your balls and hole. By doing this you will be able to feel the prostate internally and externally. Use your other hand to wank yourself tantrically.


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Hi Seb, Great website !! thank you. I love it. I’m a 57yr old gay guy, who has both cock and anal orgasms, though I have never had one from being penetrated. Most guys seem to want to bang hard, and this doesnt allow my own arousal to surge. I’ve always had loads of pre-cum and when I was younger it would soak the front of my jeans. A well-lubed cock and nipple play is very important, for my pleasure (olive oil or vaseline if I’m a bit dry). The wanking technique and fantasy can take me in either direction. Wanking, I can have full-body multiple orgasm, which I can prolong, for hours when I was younger, with the risk of tennis elbow though.

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For anal orgasm I have lighter touch (barely any usually) just on the head of my wet nob, rather than strokes, and fantasize about being penetrated, rather than penetrating. Light nipple play is crucial here too. With very slight flexing of arse and prostate muscles, after a while it lets rip. Fortunately, I live in the country, for when it comes, I can ROAR and also have multiple convulsions. (At one time, I stopped coming with guys, cause I felt I was being viewed as a freak). I am able to have anal orgasm, even if I’ve had a lot of sex and cant get a full erection. Joy, oh Joy !! Best wishes,