sucking some dick

Well, imma straight guy, but sucking some dick makes me feel grand. The feeling of cock in my mouth makes me happier than sume pussy in my mouth


. Imma black man, and i have a big one, and i like to suck big ones too. I like the feeling of the warm sperm going down my throat, and i like to push the cock in untill i start to gag. Umm.. deep throating… U just take the hairy balls and take your hand (full of lube) and then, just rub his balls, shaft, and lick the head (very gently) He’ll throw his load all over you. I also like it when they stick it up my ass and give it to me hard and fast, with no mercy. When i shove it up their ass, i do it the same way. I love how they moan in pleasure and pain Devon


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