13 questions for solosexual men

Are you a man who prefers to have sex with yourself rather that the more traditional partnered sex?

Describe one of your solosexual sessions.

What are the advantages of solosex?

Are the orgasms and ejaculations that you can achieve from solosex far beyond what you can achieve when some-one else is involved?

What are your favourite sex toys for male solosex?

What is the best lube for male solosex?

Has anyone ever watch you performing solosex?

Have you ever made a video of your solosex performances?

Do you include anal/prostate stimulation

What are your favourite solosex techniques?

What advise would you give to men who are considering becoming a solosexual?

Do you use a prostate massager

Please leave your solosexual comments, images and videos below. If you are adding a video, please allow a few minutes for it to upload.

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