shaft licking and ball humming

What a great site! I love to suck cock and guess what. I am totally straight! I have no attraction to men or gay porn and I don’t really care to be sucked by a guy.

I am married to an absolutely beautiful woman whom I love to fuck and eat ………but……I still love to suck on a cock. I became fascinated by the thought when my wife was talking about the power she felt when she gave a guy a blowjob. She said it was no big deal to blow a guy! I thought to myself, “what’s the difference if it’s her or me sucking a guy off”.

I find that, along with shaft licking and ball humming, change of pace and pressure gets great results. Sometimes I just start jacking them off for a minute before I let him go deep. That always works! I also love to swallow. That’s my reward! I will suck a great cock anytime I can get it!!! Tommy_H

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2 thoughts on “shaft licking and ball humming

  1. In addition to sucking his cock, I take big long laps at his balls with my wet tongue and juggle them in my mouth too. When sucking his head, I tease his slit with my tongue – tickling and flicking at it and trying to insert my tongue in his slit.

  2.  I relish it…start out slow and worship every inch. It’s not just a pleasure to suck dick…it’s a privilege! I think that every time I’m between a guy’s legs: it’s SUCH an emotional sacrifice for a guy to submit his cock. I honour his commitment.  

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