The journey is more important that the destination!

Dear Mr Cox, Two years ago i discovered casual sex. Since then i just can’t get enough. Am i out of control. Am i suffering from some sort of sexual addiction. Eddie, Bolton, Uk


Mr Cox Replies : I don’t really bi into this whole idea of sexual addiction. I think, as good men we are designed for sex, that’s how we were created, it’s the fucking essence of us. Casual sex is god’s greatest gift, god’s greatest medication. For me it’s an intention to be “safe & excellent”, every time I take my beautiful cock out. To be honest, i have absolutely no interest in having, or doing, what ever one else has, had/done. I am looking for and creating something that is unique as the journey is more important that the destination!

2 thoughts on “The journey is more important that the destination!

  1. I think it’s important to know the difference between enjoyment and addiction. In clinical use, addiction is classified into physical symptoms (i.e., withdrawal) and psychological symptoms. The former is true addiction, but the latter, defined by compulsion and self-loathing, is still a problem.

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