a finger inside my cunt

My boyfriend and I lie beside each other. I take his soft cock in my hand and slowly tease and stroke it to make it get hard, while he puts his hand on my pussy, and caresses my clit, finds my wetness and strokes me slowly and gently and then faster and harder as he feels my clit becoming erect and my cunt getting hotter, puts a finger inside my cunt while he keeps playing with my clit.

I reach to my pussy and take some of my wetness to use on his cock. I circle the head of his cock with my finger that is wet from my cunt. I gently caress his balls and then run my fingers up the shaft of his cock, teasing it just below the head and then I caress his cock head just enough to make him inflamed. By then his cock is pretty hard and my cunt is dripping wet. I move to be on top of him, between his legs and I lean down and take his cock in my mouth.Now he is moaning as I slowly suck and lick him all the way down the shaft and gently lick his balls, then back up, licking and flicking his shaft with my tongue and then back up to the cock head and I lick it in a slow circular motion and lick the little hole up and down, he moans and grips my shoulders hard, digging his nails into my skin. While I am sucking and licking him I have one hand at his balls, caressing very gently, and my other hand is on my pussy, continuing to stroke my clit and I am moaning too. I am careful not to bring him too close to coming while I bring myself right to the edge. He is panting and moaning and I know that we both are ready. I move up on his body and position myself so that I can slide my cunt onto his hard cock. I ease him into me and then begin thrusting, slowly at first but then we both are carried away, he is pushing up into me as I fuck him harder and faster…I look at his face and his eyes are closed and his mouth open as he is lost in the pleasure I am giving him. I fuck him, steadily, feeling my own climax building up, pacing it, feeling his balls tighten and his cock get slippery, and with one last hard thrust of my cunt on his cock, I begin to come, and I feel him exploding inside me, I feel his huge cumm and I explode, and as he throbs powerfully in me my orgasm goes on and on and I scream, and he groans loudly and I feel his come pouring into me and my cunt throbs on his cock…..Anon

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  1. Well this is what is soooo nice about wet pussy. A woman who moans as you stroke her moistening cunt is one of the biggest turn ons…. it’s the guaranteed dick-hardener. Delightfully written my dear.

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