Freeing my rock solid 8-incher


Hi. I’m a 24 year old guy from Manchester and sex has always confused me. I’ve been with my girlfriend Jean for 1 year and a half now, but I’ve always been aware of my attraction to men and cocks. I first realised this when I got suddenly felt turned on by one of my pals, Dave. And then again with a buddy called Tom. I’ve always dreamed about fucking them. One day I got together with the two of them. And we got a little typsy, I’ll admit. And I came out with it. I told them everything. And to my pleasant surprise, they agreed with me. Apparently the feeling was mutual. And before I knew it Dave and Tom were unzipping my pants. Freeing my rock solid 8-incher. I was bursting with cum. And after a long night of playing with each other and taking turns fucking, I realised that I think I prefer men. But a bisexual I will proudly stay. It’s the best of both worlds 😉 Love the site xx

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hello m8, welcome to the brotherhood. It will keep you happy always knowing that the brotherhood is always there for you. Having said that don’t stop experimenting. make sure the sex you are having totally satisfies you. The great secret of good sex is you have to be selfish and get exactly what you want. Otherwise, you will not be satisfied. Mr Cox

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