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Hello Seb, I am 37. About 18 months I noticed a quick reduction in erection strength. Since then it has gradularly deteriorated. The best benchmark is wanking as opposed to sex with another because there are less outside influences. So… even when wanking i notice the reduction in erection strength. Now I only seem to get really hard when I am about to cum. I went to the doctor and removed the obvious culprits

– diabetes / blood suger test ok

– prostate cancer test ok

– testosterone levels a bit on the low side but in the normal range

– kidney disease test ok

The doctor also gave me a couple of viagras. It seemed to make my cock fatter but still rubbery not hard. So i then went to medical firms that ‘specialise in erectile problems, they just wanted to flog $2000 worth of nasal spay without any consideration to what my cause may be. I remain sceptical about this method unless someone can advocate it.

So, where am I now?

thought 1 = maybe hypnosis would help

thought 2 = maybe there is a physical blood limitation near the cock department

thought 3 = maybe i just need a hot Seb session to sort me out – lol

Thanks for opening this up this discussion – could be really valuable to many people. Cheers. Mr. D

P.s . Earlier this week i had my first hypnosis session and since then I have had much harder fatter erections. Very promising! I will be going back for a follow up session. Cheers

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One thought on “erection strength

  1. Hi Seb
    I have the same problem too as well as things seem to be getting a bit smaller, ( 40 years old ). I hear wearing a suitable cock ring around your cock & balls can help a lot. Got checked by doctor as well and yeah Viagra an’nt all that great is it.
    Anyway try the cock ring thing out, i’m just as new to this as you ( my first time on this site )
    Plenty of wanking, and a boyfriend would be great , but they seem to be a bit thin on the ground.

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