planning to be circumcised

hello mr Cox, Although I am uncircumcised, I don’t use my foreskin for wanking- I held the skin back tightly, lubricate helmet and shaft and wank as I guess a circumcised guy would- pushing up the shaft on to the knob rim with thumb, while fingers come up the underside, on to frenum area and then over pee-hole, which gives a fantastic feeling. As I come I rub the frenum and pee hole area to give an incredible orgasm, but I can’t touch my knob, apart from the rim, as it’s too sensitive. I then leave my foreskin retracted as I soften and have a nice feeling of bare knob against clothes. I am planning to be circumcised fairly soon. cavalier


Hello Cavalier, love your name. The main reason that area feels so amazing is precisely because you have a foreskin. If you had had the tip of your fucking knob chopped off that area would have rubbed itself out, and the only way you would be able to experience any thing remotely close to that sensation is by sticking your finger up your arse and tickling your v-spot. Have you tried foreskin wanking? All the best, Mr Cox

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2 thoughts on “planning to be circumcised

  1. Leave your cock alone! Don’t circumcise it. After the head is clean of skin, the constant rubbing of your inner clothes, jeans or rough pants will desensitized the head of your cock making it more difficult to have intense orgasms.

    1. I do blowjobs;so what is said is true! Uncut guys glans are much more sensitive, and they drive crazy when with my tongue I gently touch their frenulum, which no cu guy has!

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