Penis Size & Masculinity Discuss

A study has been released by researchers at Holland’s Utrecht University that suggests a gay man’s penis size is key to his masculinity, and most often his favourite body part.

251 gay men with an average age of 29 were surveyed by psychological researchers. “Our study reveals how gay men see their penis has considerable influence on how they value themselves in general,” the study’s authors say. The men surveyed said their penises were the most attractive parts of their body, followed by their stomachs and their skin. The majority of gay men surveyed regard a large penis as ideal, and the size of their penis was found to be linked to their overall level of self-esteem. “It is not known whether there is a similar link in heterosexual men,” say researchers, “but there are various reasons for assuming the self image of men is linked to how they evaluate the most characteristically masculine part of their body.” Commenting on the research, self anointed sex guru Seb Cox, remarked, “I have a very beautiful cock, but my SOUL is my biggest sexual organ”.

I agree and disagree with the studys/comments. I don’t think penis size has anything to do with masculinity. Some of the most feminine men I know have huge cocks. I do think it has a lot to do with self esteem. I remember a kid in school the first year we started to shower after gym class. This kid was a “sissy” and was always being picked on. On the frst day we went to the showers after gym, there was a kind of tension in the air and nervous laughter, but this sissy kid just stripped down and sauntered on down the aisle to the showers… the whole way, swinging a huge heavy bat with the balls to match. I remember literally seeing jaws drop (mine included) as they stared at his swingin’ Richard. After that day I never remember him being picked on again, in fact, I think he made a few new friends that day… LOL. Even though I don’t think that anyone thought he would actually bring the subject up if he was provoked, nobody would dare take a chance an being called out as having a smaller dick than the sissy in the school. I feel like this speaks both to the self esteem of the sissy kid (even while being picked on and teased it didn’t affect his self esteem) and the other kids who probably spent the rest of their lives comparing themselves to his beautiful swingin’ meat. I guess that includes me too. Scott Redleter

I just read a few of the comments, and there are three that stand out for me. Scott Redleter wrote about great big huge hanger belonging to sissy or fem men… I’ve seen it all-too often. I’ve also seen big-dicked bottoms (masc. and fem.) who will dive on any man who treats them well… pretty much regardless of his size; but of course, size does have a tendancy to rule the room. Marcus wrote about balls being the measure of a man’s masculinity. I’d have to agree on that more than the others… simply because it’s a set of nuts that give us broader shoulders as we grow up. They deepen our voices; grow hair on our chests and chins; and aide in the expansion of the overall length and girth of our dicks.

Plus, without balls, our testosterone levels would be equivalent of females (who also produce that magical elixer of chemical wonder). So… balls equals masculinity is a TOTAL truth. Jacques stated that self esteme was the main issue… but again… there are huge cocked bastards out there with low self esteme, and tiny pricked buggerers that are just that — they’ll fuck anything that moves, or doesn’t move, and are the envy of every man out there. I’d like to challenge everyone to think back to the time when there wasn’t sex being advertized EVERY-FUCKIN-WHERE… hell, even water has been sexualized (talking about the drinking kind, not the bathing kind)… think of old black and white photos and the hunky men posing proudly. Do you honestly think those hard working farmers and labourers had the opportunities we can’t get away from that compare one person (albeit airbrushed and hyped to no limit) against everyone else?


There are some very interesting comments here, but I feel the discussion has so far has been rather one-sided – only reflecting the outlook of a horny top. I’m versatile; I enjoy sex equally in either role. I’m adequately though not exceptionally endowed, and really not too worried about cock size. I would like to make the following observations: From the point of view of a bottom, thickness is far more important than length; what really counts for erotic delight is how wide it stretches the anus, rather than how deep into the rectum it can reach. The only area where length really matters is if you want to perform deep throat on your lover – obviously his cock has to be long enough to actually reach down your throat. From the point of view of a top (this one anyway, when in that role!) the really attractive feature of a lover is not so much his cock but rather his beautiful, shapely bottom, and especially his sweet little rosebud. I not John’s comments about guys working out because they feel inadequate and a beautiful body somhow compensates for a disappointing cock. I think this is completely wrong. I work out regularly. I do it because I enjoy it and because physical beauty contributes mightily to self esteem. (I wouldn’t be so presumptious as to call myself actually beautiful, but I am unarguably in very good shape.) As far as sex is concerned, my main concern with good body tone is to make myself desirable to other guys, so that they want to fuck me or have me fuck them – I’m delighted with either outcome! Jason

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9 thoughts on “Penis Size & Masculinity Discuss

  1. There WAS a time when John Holmes was “the standard” and everyone else’s meat was measured by his and his alone… not even Rambone could take that away from him. Today though, you can see massive cock everywhere… apparently every city on the planet has at least 17 of them. The shyness and apprehension has died down enough that we can show our meat freely these days, and those of us who have smaller dicks (13.25 X 13.75cm / 5.5 X 5.25″ is mine personally) will of course always wish that we had longer and thicker ones. But, I peronally know (and have throated) one that belongs to a braggart who claimed to have 10 inches, but two and a half years later admitted to 9.25. So, even a nine-and-a-quarter inch long guy LIES ABOUT THE SIZE OF HIS COCK. Funny thing though, he didn’t lack any masculine qualities in the least.

  2. I would say it is rather the size of the mans balls that would relate to his masculinity and not the size of his cock.

  3. I am gay, but people do not know for sure unless they ask.
    I am larger then the average at over 7″ but when it comes to sex, it is me not my cock that my partner is after but me. I have had partners that are bigger than me but they still want Me to fuck them.

    1. Size and masculinity is very important to me and I love being fuck. I guess you can say I am a size queen but I like BBC and BWC up me and down my throat

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