Penis Massage Survey

Please tick all the words that describe how you like to have your penis massaged. If the words you choose are not listed please tick other below and add your words --------------
The World’s Biggest Ever Penis Massage Survey
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workman scaffolder erect horny scaffolders erects

Tongue moving side to side along the underside of the penis where is the urethra is, the tank needs to be flat and not pointed Kama, flat ie relaxed/not tensed.

digital stimulation of the prostate

Bodies wet and pressed together, enjoying the natural heat we provide each other!

like raindrops

estim. shocked. Whipped

With good rythm & a soft touch

I am not 100% sure what this means….By another sexy guy..?

By a woman,

full anal penetration


How do you like your balls. Please tick all the words that apply to you