Penis Massage Prayer Barefoot Shaman

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Penis Massage Prayer By Barefoot Shaman

Massaging the penis is a form of prayer. The first Penis Massage I have ever had was by a woman. She took her time. It was wonderful! I felt blessed. I was young. 21 years old, and still called myself bisexual…at 40 I came out as gay…finally. There is something about having my penis massage by another man. He knows what he is doing. I’ll tell him how to do it the way I like it best. That he takes his time. By the time I massage a man’s penis, I have massaged his entire body. This usually takes around an hour, sometimes 90 minutes. By all this time of pampering, he is usually ready to have his penis massaged. I usually start by massaging around the scrotum (the balls), the perineum (the area just below the scrotum and in front of the anus). Sometimes I’ll penetrate the man using a digit (a fingertip) as an introduction to the prostate massage. I can usually tell how comfortable he is with this type of massage. Some men are not and a digit is all they can handle for now. And that’s O.K. Massaging the penis involves plenty of lube (massage oils and/ or spit). It can involve one hand or two, depending on the size of the man’s shaft. Sometimes I won’t use my hands, just massage his penis with my forearms. The man’s penis has 7 pressure points or chakras. Just like the body. While most men massage just the tip of their penis when they masturbate, I massage the entire man’s shaft, from the base to the tip and around the bulb (the penis head). Every penis is utterly unique and precious, and needs to be treated as such. Every time it is massaged. This cannot be rushed. Massaging a penis is a form of prayer. Penis Massage Prayer By Barefoot Shaman


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  1. I had a massage with you last year and it was an amazing experience. I loved every second

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