self-conscious sex


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Sex is a problem because it would seem that in that act there is complete absence of the self. In that moment you are happy because there is the cessation of self-consciousness, of the ‘me’; and desiring more of it … Continue reading

4Skin Restoration


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4skin Restoration may soon be available to circumcised men to re-grow their foreskin Foregen, a U.S. company says it is close to developing a method that will allow men’s foreskins to regenerate. Foregen, is a US non-profit organisation ‘founded to research and implement … Continue reading

cock mates


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Men care more what their mates think of their cock than their partner. The University of Victoria in Australia carried out a survey on 738  men.  The study found majority were happy with their cock size in the bedroom, but most still … Continue reading

tantric massage london


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 I had been to the masseur a couple of times before, in a neighboring city, for just an ordinary(Sweidsh) massage so did know him from them. I decided to have my first ever tantric massage with him so that I felt I … Continue reading