Tantric without all the mumbo jumbo

hung sexological bodywork Hi Seb, I have been checking out your website for a long time, well done mate. I am looking for a sexological MASSAGE professional who can help me deal with my Dick’s self love and an unfulfilled longing for almost ritualized wank Magick ceremonies where my Dick can commune with another practiser of Magick. My name is Alan I am 44, slender but with a little belly, a biggish dick with an 8mm Prince Albert and a line of piercings that go from the bottom of It’s shaft along the perineum towards my arse. I think I am quite Tantric without all the mumbo jumbo. I just love the energy that my Dick summons up when it demands to be hard. I get off on breath play too, deep holding of it, having my guts pinched in with a corset or clingfilm so the lungs have to really control themselves. My Dick also loves it when I put elastic bands around my head and look like a freak also it sometimes makes me shove things down my throat til I gag, like tubing and stuff and I have to lube up my throat to help it-I use toothpaste a lot. But always there is some element of otherness and I love my Dick. I could play with it all day and keep it happy, and with my piercings, when I wank away at it, it jangles like music. Now I can pretty much usually fulfil all these desires and often alone but I have a real yearning for something quite ritualized and I was wondering if you could summon up some Sex Magick and indulge me or share some ceremonial indulgence? You seem like a real friendly guy but it is the ceremony that I have always missed and am searching for and I want to please a fellow congregationalist who will encourage me to delve down into something and show them it. By the way would like to share a fantasy i have lately been having imagining you sticking me in a mask, getting a woman in with a shaved cunt who make me lick her out good and hard til her labia dangles onto my tongue like the little dick that it is, all the while you are fucking her up the arse. Anyway would be interested to see if you can help me. Respectfully Alan


Sacramental Cannabis

“Marijuana, Pot, Blow, Weed. draw, blow, puff, shit, hash, ganja, spliff, brown, dope, fatty, gear, green, smoke, Harry Monk, Henry, de ‘erb, pot, hashish, solids.”


Roderick W. Marling has dedicated the last 36 years to Yoga meditation and research in the area of expanding consciousness. If you’ve ever suspected that Cannabis was once considered a sacred plant and used in ritual settings, then you will definitely be interested in this material. The Cannabis Papers was written by Roderick W. Marling and is protected by copyright. However it is formatted so that you can easily download it for your own personal use. Give it to all those you feel might benefit, but for any other consideration please contact KamaKala Publications.

Jocks Socks & Cocks

red socks rosebud

One of the best wanks I ever had was when my friend brought me his jock-strap. I had a wanging hard-on before I got it on!!!. I was so excited my cock was steel hard and my balls were tingling. He reached out and touched my jock-encased dick – and I exploded! I spurted jets of hot spunk into that jock till it was soaked with cum! He grabbed my cock in the spunk-soaked jock and wanked it hard…it was the most extreme climax I’ve ever had…it was terrific! I just kep cumming…I really think I had a double climax…all I could do was gasp for breath …I';ve never shot so much spunk before either. When Kurt pulled the cum-drenched jock down, my dick was still hard and covered with spunk – it was dripping on my balls! Wonderful! I wish I could relive it again!

the power of masculinity

Hello Seb, I was brought up a catholic and i think that is where i get a lot of my “spiritual” beliefs from. Unlike many i love the “catholic” spirit but as i got older an more significantly as i became more aware of my sexuality my beliefs changed……to cut a long story short……i do like to consider my “spiritual” but not in the theoretical sense. For me spirituality is about connecting the following (which aren’t in any order of priority)

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1.  I believe in the power of masculinity.  I have lived with women but am gay. For me men only need men to survive (except for having children..lol)  I believe that men are superior in terms of their mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and sexual power.  For me it is these characteristics that define masculinity.

god of cock

2.  Men gain energy and power when they are with other men.  I don’t know if you have noticed but even in a straight pub/bar the atmosphere is very different when it is men only.   By themselves even straight men will play act with each other.  HOWEVER, when a female enters the room (and it only takes one) the atmosphere is very different.


3.  Where there is TRUST between men there is development.  I am a strong believe and very respectful of trust, truth and respect.  These three characteristics are the hardest to build yet are the easiest to destroy.  Where they exist they enable men to experience fulfilment as it enable men to open their minds and to shine a light on the darkest corners of their mind.  I suppose in some ways it makes the impossible possible and enables the perversions to be seen as normal and healthy.

celtic cock

4.  Brotherhood.  I believe we can all learn from and support each other.  I don’t have any brothers so don’t know what it is like to have a natural brother.  However, i appreciate the bonds of support and development that exists between men.  I can only fantasise about what that energy is between supportive brothers. I do believe that laws should always be abided by and also believe that where men are consenting and give themselves freely is the best state. I know my beliefs are not mainstream and don’t really fit into any ‘institutionalised’ religion.  I have searched and tried a few different religions most of which are Christian.  I have recently spoken to a Satanist who did excite and inspire me but i think he was after a wank. I’m not sure if you understand my feelings but I do want to thank you for the opportunity to express them. All the best Mark

rockford bod mor

Mark, powerful stuff. A wank with a Satanist, now that sounds like fun. Would it be ok to publish this on one of my websites. I was also brought up as a catholic, and althouth i was never really connected to the instution of it, I think it embedded in me about being a good man, just like Jesus. For me my masculinity is my spirituality. I hope at some stage you might get down to London for one of our meetups. It would be great to get something going in Manchester as well. Dont know if you know the poet Rumi (a 13th-century Persian Muslim poet, jurist, theologian, and Sufi mystic), this is one of his poems.

i fucking love it

The core of masculinity does not derive from being male, nor from the friendliness of those who console Your old grandmother says, “Maybe you shouldn’t go to school.  You look a little pale.” Run when you hear that A father’s stern slaps are better Your bodily soul wants comforting The severe father wants spiritual clarity He scolds, but eventually leads you into the open Pray for a tough instructor to hear and act and stay within you -Rumi

Keep in touch, a big hug, seb cox



an open door

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How long will you keep pounding on an open door

begging for someone to open it?

I am your moon

and your moonlight too

I am your flower garden

and Your water too

kiss my arse

I have come all this way

eager for you

without shoes or shawl

I want you to laugh

to dispel all your worries

to love you

to nourish you

Oh sweet bitterness

I will soothe you and heal you

I will bring you roses

I too have been covered with thorns.

be my first

The springtime of Lovers has come,

that this dust bowl may become a garden;

the proclamation of heaven has come,

that the bird of the soul may rise in flight.

The sea becomes full of pearls,

the salt marsh becomes sweet as spring rain,

the stone becomes a diamond from the mine,

the body becomes wholly soul Rumi


about my sexuality

american jock 6

if anyone has the bollox to ask me about my sexuality, I always reply that the only thing they need to know about my sexuality is that I’m fucking excellent. That I am extraordinarily good, at fucking. In fact I am so good, that I misspend my youth doing it professionally,  providing a sexual excellence service for both men and women. Listen m8, we have no culturally approved scripts for life; we pretty much need to write our own. To write your own script requires a lot of effort and a lot of bollox, and is the kind of hard work that brings just rewards, eventually. You might find the right way for you, and three years latter decide you want to live a different way. You write the script, you get to make the choices, and you get to change your fucking mind.


In the absence of willpower

 In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthlesscocksucker 78 

I have been with two women and raised 5 children and have always known that I was a fag In my mind I tried to fight it and tried to be str8 but never got over the fact that I love men all I have to do is think about a man any man and I get horny I love to suck dick and have never been fucked in the ass but will someday let a man the right man have my virgin ass. I act str8 for the most part but can’t keep my eyes off of men I love checking them out I love everything you could amagine about men all races all sizes muscular hairy smooth skinny fat short tall dirty clean creepy looking dorks nerds old men ugly there is always somthing different and new that all of a sudden will turn me on about men the way one walks or if he sees me watching when he touches or scratches his dick or ass or rubs his chest or belly I see a lot because I am always checking out men I have different fantasies with certin men like most men I want to get my face all over their bodies in their hairy chest smelling their arm pits licking thier ears sucking thier tounges licking butt holes oh my god a fat hairy ass I could spend days with my face buried in his crack and I love dick in my mouth a man sitting on top of my face with his dick in my mouth forcing me to take what ever he wants to do to in my mouth.  I found out that I loved sucking dick so much that I don’t gag any more Johnnycocksucker 3

 In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless. Aleister Crowley

sex with str8 men

meat magick

I’m an older gay man and have only had sexual relations with str8 men. Im not sure why. I know that some say that if you have sex with men then your not str8 but gay. Well I know a lot of str8 men that have sex with men on occasion. Emotionally they are attracted to women and dont want that kind of relationship with another man. Just the sex.Well recently the brother of my sisters husband came to visit over the Xmas holiday.Im 42 yrs old and he is 22. We have known each other for 6 yrs and have always been buddies. But this time he came to visit things changed between us and we had sex twice. Afterwards it was very confusing for me. Im not sure if I crossed a line that I should not have since he is so much younger than me and is family by marriage. We have talked about it and hes fine with everything. We are closer now as friends then we were before. But I still sort of feel guilty. str8 acting?


what I am afraid of

I live for a while in its sight. What I fear in it leaves it. And the fear of it leaves me. It sings, and I hear its song.

massive-cock-2I want you to imagine for a moment that you are feeling stressed, tired, even a little emotionally fucked up. Close you eyes and think of someone you really like and find sexually attractive. I want you to imagine meeting them at your favourite resturaunt. Relaxing with them and having something really delicious to eat toghter. Maybe even being slightly sexually suggestive every time you put some food in your mouth, or even touching them casually under the table. You are starting to feel g(0)d. You are starting to feel balanced. I then want you to imagine arriving back at your place, which you have already prepared with sensual aromas, some sexy music, maybe your favourite porn is pumping away in the background. I want you to invite him to dance, dance, dance, let yourself go as you and him(or her) begin to sweat and gradually undress. I want you to put your left hand on the right cheek of his face and and your right hand on the left cheek of his arse. Give him a sacred kiss. Relax for awhile as you cuddle. Rock him in your arms as he minds you. Always remember g(0)d sex is about giving and recieving pleasure. You should take your time, you should never be in a rush. What about that bottle of champagne you have chilling in the fridge. I want you to imagine yourself as a sex g(0)d as you indulge yourself and him in the most luxurious sex you know you are capable of. I want you to be a sacred slut, to really let yourself go as you give and receive, pleasure, pleasure and more fucking pleasure. I wan’t you to imagine sex as a gift, as the most beautiful gift. A present from G(0)d, that he wants you to share with your beloved. I want you to cry, I want you to laugh. I want you to imagine using your fucking intelligence everytime you have sex, not just your body. Cummon feel it in your soul. I want you to imagine that u r a star, that you are g(0)d. bi/ seb cox