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Just wanted to say that I like you new and ever expanding website. I know you said a year ago that you had lost the old one in the expanse of the universe…….but you have rebuilt it and it looks … Continue reading

Statins boost erections by 43%


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Statins can boost middle-aged men’s erections by 43%. Cholesterol-busting drugs are taken by millions of men worldwide. The study showed they can improve erectile function scores by 43% which is half the improvement seen if men took Viagra – the usual … Continue reading

Tantric Guide To Aneros Prostate Massagers


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A Tantric Guide to using the Aneros Prostate Massagers. An amazingly easy to follow step by step guide to using the Aneros and how to achieve the most juddering prostate super-os! The author was the first to sell the massager in … Continue reading

6 reasons i am commando…


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Essentially it’s a personal choice butt, there are at least 6 really powerful reasons to go commando/freeball/wear no underwear. The main reasons I avoid wearing underwear are I find it more comfortable, as most of the “designer” briefs out there … Continue reading

What men Want!

All men have two sexualities, there actual one and their fantasy one. The actual one can be absolutely amazing, but could never really be described as divine. Their fantasy one on the other hand absolutely can. Our problem as men is that we are never really asked what do we really want And anyway even if we were, we probably won’t be honest. We think that our most intimate honest ejaculations can only ever be achieved with one hand on a mouse. We need to let go, we need to start to breathe deeper,  we need, we need to take control. Let’s start with our almighty. Please leave very detailed instruction below as to how exactly you would like to have your best ever penis massage from a professional. I want you to bi/ honest, I want you to bi/ very, very honest.

But you probably would not have the balls?

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Jack Naked – The Last Miners UK


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The Last Miners Documentary follows the workers at Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire, the last deep coal mine in Britain. Sheldon, Jonesy, Kev and Jack, shown in the BBC documentary, are enthusiastic about taking a shower with their mates, including … Continue reading

Professional Big Lingam Tantra Masseur


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London – Become a Professional Tantric Male Masseur with Mr Cox. Friday, December 30th  2016, 1:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Come, seek, for search is the foundation of manhood pleasure. learn how to give a full body erotic cock massage using a range of techniques … Continue reading