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Rudolf Nureyev, Paris, France July 25, 1961 – Richard Avedon


Former Soviet ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev defected to France in 1961. Renowned for his big bulge which was very evident while wearing his ballet costume  photographed by Richard Avedon in 1961. “As his arms rose, so did his penis,” Avedon recalled. The next day, Nureyev got cold feet and went back to Avedon to ask for the negatives. Avedon gave them to him, and promised that those were the only ones. Avdon urged Nureyev not to destroy them, but to keep them for his old age. A few later shots were still in the camera (and strictly speaking, not yet negatives), including this one, with lowered arms, which Avedon put in his book, “The Sixties”. Adapted from “Rudolf Nureyev: The Life” by Julie Kavanagh. He had a brief relationship with 1950’s film star Tab Hunter, who was a big cock fan.

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  1. Rudolph Nureyev was a very handsome man who had a very desirable penis. In a way the circumstance that preserved this particular photo of the dancer was very fortuitous, and we can be glad it was preserved at the height of his powers. Why Mr. Nureyev wouldn’t want to reserve publication of this print until he was older and had not so much of his career at risk, I can’t imagine. I’ve certainly had a good time looking at it… RobtheElder

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