The Sexuality Bell Curve

Someone out there isn’t going to like what I’m going to say. I believe this to be true, so fire away… I can take it! I don’t think there’s such a qualifier as “straight” nor one we’ve described as “gay”.

Our sexuality is on a Bell Curve. If there are men or women that are entirely one or the other, those individuals are extremely rare occupants of the very extreme outside edges of the curve. Almost all of us can enjoy the tactile ministrations to our bodies, including our erogenous zones by any “other”, be that other male or female. If they touch the right spots, hit the right bases, mouth the right appendages, we enjoy the contact, appreciate the attention. This has nothing to do with procreation, has to do with appreciation. Go ahead with your labels, honour the tenets of your faith, restrain your inclinations… and be the poorer for it… RobtheElder

One thought on “The Sexuality Bell Curve

  1. It could be that such extremes exist. My dick is 10½”, so extremes exist, but are rare.

    I would argue that sexuality is multiple axes. I’m always down for some bro time, but anal (with a woman or a man, as a top or a bottom) is not on my list of favorites. The size issue would make topping hard, and I can sometimes feel my sphincter clench tight when I get an erection, so bottoming also isn’t an option. But gay porn and homophobes protesting too much agree: Anal is the consummate sex act.

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